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Best Tips To Use Anchor Texts Properly

Updated on February 27, 2010

Anchor Text Usage

We, being a passionate webmasters, are trying to get quality backlinks to our webpages or blogs. We do these regularly because we know link building is the fundamental factor as far as SEO is concerned. So anchor texts came into being as soon as the link building technique came into existence. Making a text or phrase (containing your keyword) as a link is far better than making a random link, even though you have a good content. There are always some common myths in search engine optimization and therefore some exist in anchor texts too. Let us make it clear.

Anchor texts are the texts we make as links back to our site to count as a backlink by search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and many others. So anchor texts make your backlinks qualified to count as votes to your primary pages. So everything lies on the proper utilization of the same.

Clearing The Myths

I am a fan of honestly. Cristopher.C.Cemper is a well known Link building expert and I don't miss any of his video series in Youtube. I want to convey what I learned from him about Anchor texts. Let us have a look.

Let me ask you one question. Do you think that whenever you write a quality contented article of some 1500 words and using the same phrase as anchor text would help your article to be displayed in the top of search results for that particular keyword? If you believe this way, you are committing a great mistake. The truth is that sometimes it is counted as a spam rather than a backlink. Do you want this to happen in your neatly written article? Consider this example. You want to rank for a keyword 'make money online'. So every time you write an article for marketing or for using it in your own site, never use the same phrase as anchor text. So what you have to do is slightly change your anchor texts wherever possible. Cemper says that it should appear to be naturally written. Because search engines are designed to think like people do. That's all.

What I am coming to say is that slightly vary the anchor texts in some of the following ways.

  • 'money making techniques'
  • 'online money making'
  • 'visit this site for making money'
  • 'go to this cool site'

Sometimes, people won't agree my last variant. Even though it makes unprofessional, it constitutes to the proper backlink efforts. I hope you got what I was trying to say with this hub. So start making your anchor texts as natural as possible. 


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    • HubMania profile image

      HubMania 8 years ago from India

      Hi bonbondude, It's known that it acts as an anchor text. But What we are talking about is "In Content Links". That is Anchor text deep inside the article to increase relevancy. So we need not consider the last link even if they constitute for backlinks. In-content links are taken into consideration if search engines realize them. The question of notice doesn't arise at all. I hope u got my point.

      Thanks for this intelligent question.

    • Grant's World profile image

      Grant Handford 8 years ago from Canada

      Excellent thanks for the tips.


    • bonbondude profile image

      bonbondude 8 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      Hi nice hub. dont you think that when we publish content the last hyper linked keyword in that basically acts an an anchor text...I read abt it some where....whats ur catch on this one?