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Best In Ear Headphones 2014 Review

Updated on July 22, 2014
Shure SE535-V Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable
Shure SE535-V Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable

Sometimes, having over the ear headphones is just not feasible. First of all, they stand out significantly, so everyone knows you’re trying to tune out the world. Secondly, they can’t be very comfortable to lay on when you’re trying to rest on a bus, or airplane. It used to be that over the ear kinds of headphones were the best in giving you the deep bass and crisp sound that you want. In ear headphones have come a long way in terms of sound.

They are often called in ear monitors, IEM’s, or earphones. Nowadays, the sound from these can be even better than their over the ear counterparts. They often block ambient sounds so you don’t have to turn the volume up just to shut out a crying baby, or ringing telephones. It will be a good investment for you to spend money on a good pair that has noise cancellation technology built in.

Many headphones will perform better if you burn them in. What this means is that they need to have music and sound played in them for a while before they are performing at their best. You simply plug them into the player of your choice, turn up the volume and walk away. This can be done periodically over the course of the week and by the end of it, you will more impress with the sound you get from your earphones than you were if you used them straight out of the box. You can always opt to burn them in as you use them too, there is no need to not listen to the music while they are being burned in. However, it can be faster if the volume is turned up much higher than you can tolerate, so that is why it’s recommended you do something else while the music plays in the earphones. Be advised though that you should not turn the volume up all the way, this can ruin your equipment. I recommend turning the volume up a couple notches louder than you can handle yourself. It is typically recommended that you burn them in for anywhere from 100-200 hours to get the best benefit.

Look for earphones with detachable cords, memory cords, or those that have controls on the cord for easier adjusting. I also like finding earphones that have a wide range of ear buds since I have very small canals and need tiny buds.

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MEElectronics M6-BK-MEE Sport Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire Shure SE535-V Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable CableSony MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones with Soft Loop HangersApple EarPods with Remote and MicKlipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating HeadphonesBose IE2 Audio HeadphonesSennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones
MEElectronics M6-BK-MEE Sport Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire
MEElectronics M6-BK-MEE Sport Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire
Shure SE535-V Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable
Shure SE535-V Triple High-Definition MicroDriver Earphone with Detachable Cable
Sony MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones with Soft Loop Hangers
Sony MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones with Soft Loop Hangers
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones
Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones
Bose IE2 Audio Headphones
Bose IE2 Audio Headphones
Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones
Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones
5 stars for MEElectronics M6 Sport Headphones with Memory Wire

Best In Ear Headphones for 2013

Best Noise Canceling In Earphones

Check out these MEElectronics M6 Sport Headphones with Memory Wire. These not only go into the ear, but they have a loop that goes over your ear so you can ensure they will stay in place. The sound in these is fabulous. They feature a stage monitor design with stainless steel memory wire to hold the earphone in place for a perfect fit. They are comfortable to sleep in as well. They come with four sizes of ear tips so you get the most comfortable fit overall. They are very soft so your ears won’t hurt. I like that they have their own carrying case so you can keep all the tips together, as well as your device. You should be aware that it can take a few minutes to get the best fit for the best sound. If you don’t hear much bass, then you don’t have a good seal. If you treble sounds too harsh, you need a deeper insertion. Once you have the inner part handled, addressing the memory wire is next. Once you get the right angle and fit, the wire will remember the position so you won’t need to adjust it much again, if ever.

Noise Canceling In Ear Headphones Review

A highly rated pair are the Shure SE525V Triple Definition MicroDriver Earphones. These noise cancelling earphones give you a good seal to block out unwanted noise. For musicians, this pair of earphones will effectively block out the noise of the audience so they can hear themselves play, or sing. Being able to deliver your music back to you in such a clear way is very essential to those who perform live. You get a tweeter and two woofers that give you clear notes all the time. The cable is reinforced with Kevlar so it is supremely more durable and longer lasting. I love that the cord can be detached from the ear pieces as well. Most of the time, over time, earphones continue to work but the cord is what breaks down. With this detachable option, you can replace the cords when needed. You can also use the wire to form it around your ear for a more secure fit if you choose. I found that these earphones do much better when you burn them in. At first, I was disappointed, but once I did this, the sound was amazing.

Top Rated Sports and Exercise In Ear Headphones

For some equipment that is bound to stay put, consider these Sony MDR-AS20J Active Style Headphones. These work very well for active people by reducing the amount of cord you have to deal with. They feature a sweat resistant moisture guard that will pass moisture away from the headphones so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged by your sweat. You can get an extremely secure fit with the slip resistant and versatile design. A cord clip is included so you can secure it well to reduce interruptions to your music while you work out. They feature 13.5mm driver units and neodymium magnets for rich sound and deep bass. The loops provided go around your ear and fit all ear sizes. This is such a nice feature! I mentioned earlier that I have tiny ear canals so I’m constantly fixing my ear buds with lesser brands. This over the ear loop helps them stay in place and I can honestly say that I never have them fall out. I did have to bend the loop in a unique way to get them to fit my small ears effectively, but once that was done, it’s been a walk in the park. I recommend taking ginger care of them though, since they seem to be a bit fragile. I bought a hard case to put them in to keep them from being damaged in my gym bag, or breaking when they fall out of bag.

Best In Earphones Overall 2013 Review

Apple users will rejoice with these Apple EarPods. These were designed with the geometry of the ear in mind. Since they are ergonomically made, they are quite comfortable compared to others in its class. They come with a remote and mic that are designed to stay put inside your ear. The remote lets you adjust the volume, control your music and video playback, or you can accept or end calls with it as well. They are resistant to sweat and water too. The sound in these is not the greatest in my opinion, but they work well for my budget. They have been durable and very long lasting. If you don’t need professional grade earphones, these would work very well for you.

In Ear Head Phones 2013

The Klipsch IMAGE S4 In Ear Headphones are also a highly rated choice. I love the soft and flexible ear tips since they fit in my small ears so much better than others. They create a good seal to reduce outside noise. They come with small to medium dual flange design, as well as medium and large single flange designs. I love that they come with an aluminum case that is crush resistant; I travel a lot and stuff my carry-on bags with all manner of things. The case that is included with these is strong enough to handle all kinds of abuse. With the single moving coil driver per channel, you get very realistic sound. There is a rock song I listen to that has sirens in the background; I’ve never heard them until I started using these earphones and when I did finally hear them, I was shocked to realize that the sirens weren’t near me in real life!

Top Rated In Ear Headphones

In Ear Headphones Review

Which brand of in ear headphones are the best?

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© 2013 Bob Miller

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