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Best Tripod Under 100 Dollars

Updated on July 31, 2014

Are You Searching For The Best Camera Tripod In 2014

Modern camera models come equipped with a ton of different features for any type of photo. Red-eye reduction and superb image quality are great qualities to have in a camera, but there is still a long way to go before modern cameras can eliminate all photography mishaps. No matter how powerful your camera is, when it comes to reducing blurs from slight camera movements the best solution is a well-built tripod. Tripods can be expensive, but no matter how small your budget you can find one that's affordable and stable. Take a look at these five outstanding tripods under $100.

Ravelli APGL4 New Professional 70" Tripod with Adjustable Pistol Grip Head and Heavy Duty Carry Bag

Ravelli New Professional 70inch Tripod with Adjustable Pistol Grip Head APGL4

The Ravelli APGL4 is a heavy-duty tripod that is well worth investing in. Assembled with pressure treated aluminum alloy, this tripod sets the bar high, and keeps it stable to boot. This tripod has made a name for itself with its unrivaled stability. The legs are adjustable as is the center column perfect for low angle shots.The pistol grip head allows a smooth, fluid movement between any angles. Quick release lock legs and a quick release camera plate complete the professional quality make of this durable tripod.

Dolica GX600B200 Proline GX Series 60-Inch Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head Combo for DSLR

Dolica Proline GX Series 60'' Aluminum Tripod and Ball Head Combo for DSLR

This versatile tripod, composed of anodize aluminum alloy and plastic polymer composite, is engineered for a light design that can be used in any environment. The Dolica GX600B200 includes four level positioning, so that you can capture great shots on any uneven surface.Included with this tripod are two sets of interchangeable feet. Rubber feet can be used to stabilize cameras on soft surfaces, while the spiked feet are appropriate for more rugged surfaces. The quick release camera plate ensures that your camera won't slip away.

Slik Heavy-Duty Tripod with 3-Way Fluid-Effect Head and Built-In Bubble Level

Slik Heavy Duty Tripod with 3 Way Fluid Effect Head and Built In Bubble Level

At first glance, you might not think that this light economy tripod can live up to high expectation. But the Slik U-9000 Heavy-Duty tripod goes above and beyond. A light-weight tripod that is perfect for traveling, packing all its features into a tiny expanding frame.Featuring a quick release camera plate, the U-9000 boasts a smooth and fluid movement effect that is perfect for a compact video camera. When it comes to stability, this tripod performs quite well. Retractable spikes within its rubber feet secure stability on any surface.

Benro A-150EXU Digital Tripod Kit

Benro Digital Tripod A-150EXU

The Benro A-150EXU is another light weight tripod that is light only in this sense. Loaded with features that make this tripod perfect for stable and sharp digital pictures, this strong tripod delivers more than you'd think it could. Four quick-lock aluminum legs make set up and take down of this tripod quick and easy. Retractable rubber feet reveal spikes that allow for stability on any terrain.A thick layer of close-cell nitrile butadiene rubber gives you a firm and comfortable grip. This tripod also features a bubble level, which ensures quick and easy placement control.

Manfrotto VELOCE V Backpack and Compact Series Tripod Bundle Pack MKC3-P01

This tripod kit comes with everything the photographer on-the-go needs close at hand. Including a backpack that can hold all your camera peripherals and your laptop (up to 15"), this tripod is designed to be compacted to take up the least amount of space possible.With the ease of access of the backpack and the speed at which the tripod unfolds into full size, you can have yourself ready to catch any photos quickly and easily. This pack makes it possible to photograph with any accessories you might need.This Item Is Temporary Unavailable At

Vista Explorer Sixty Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

A number one seller the Explorer tripod has a three way pan head and level for better stability.Weighing in at only three pounds and folds up to 23 inches in the included tripod bag.This tripod extends to a height of sixty inches perfect for viewing at eye level.

Other product features

  • Flexible rubber feet
  • Handle built in
  • Ten year warranty
  • Three section legs with large flip locks
  • Carry hook
  • Extra level on base

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