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Best Video Tutorials and Reviews on the Virgin Mobile and Sprint LG Rumor Touch

Updated on September 7, 2011

Youtube has hundreds of videos on the LG Rumor Touch.

Some of these videos are just reviews for either the Sprint or the Virgin Mobile version, while others are dedicated to revealing the tricks to installing third party apps, getting free ringtones, and installing free wallpapers.

This hub will feature five of the best videos on the LG Rumor Touch on Youtube.


1.) Virgin Samsung Intercept vs Blackberry Curve 8530 vs LG Rumor 2 vs Rumor Touch Revie w -mstechify

2.) Most Viewed LG Rumor Touch Review on YouTub-mobileburn

3.) Install 3rd Party Apps  -thespazgaming

4.) How to get Custom Ringtones -MentalNinja1004

5.) How to get full screen wallpaper on the LG Rumor Touch  -DaViD46000

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The Hardest Question for New Virgin Mobile Customers

What phone do I choose?

You know you want a good phone that can go on the internet and use apps.

You know you want the unlimited text, mms, and data plan from Virgin Mobile.

This means you have to choose between whether to get the Samsung Intercept, the LG Optimus V, the Blackberry Curve, the LG Rumor Touch, or the LG Rumor 2.

If money is no option, the Samsung Intercept or the LG Optimus V is the best for casual users. The Blackberry Curve for the business types (Blackberry is more secure than Android, although in the next few years this could change).

This video is excellent because it shows all four phones side by side, as this video author had special access to all four at the same time.

Virgin Samsung Intercept vs Blackberry Curve 8530 vs LG Rumor 2 vs Rumor Touch Review- mstechify

Which LG Rumor Touch Video on YouTube Had the Most Views?

When I typed in "LG Rumor Touch" in the YouTube search box, the video review with the most hits was published by Mobile Burn on the Sprint version of the LG Rumor Touch.

This is a great video because the Virgin Mobile customers can see the differences between the Virgin Mobile LG Rumor Touch and the Sprint version.

Most Viewed LG Rumor Touch Review on YouTube- mobileburn

Tricks of the Trade

After recieving your LG Rumor Touch from either Virgin Mobile or from Sprint, you will soon ask:

If you go to Virgin Mobile or Sprint to ask these questions, you will be directed to their store.

This is where frustration sets in.

Never fear! That is why we are here!

The following are three handpicked videos that answer the above questions.

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Install 3rd Party Apps- by thespazgaming

How to get Custom Ringtones - MentalNinja1004

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    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 7 years ago

      This is a useul hub. I have actually thought about switching to a Virgin Mobile plan, and this helps.The LG Rumor Touch seems like a good phone too. Thank you for sharing.