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What is the Best Voice Dictation Software - DNS

Updated on September 28, 2010

Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) : World's Best Selling Voice Dictation Software

Speech Vs Text

Voice dictation software, as the name suggests, is something that can recognize what you speak and then converts it into text which can be saved in your favorite text editor or word processor. Can a human use his keyboard in place of his mouth? I mean you cannot type letters at the speed at which you talk. But by using voice dictation software, you can make that happen.

The continuous search for the best voice dictation or speech conversion tool result in the information that Dragon Naturally Speaking is ruling the niche for the last 3 years by eating up the competition. And an in-depth analysis and customer reviews tell that there has been a widespread of this software from the year 1999. If you look the statistical data of this software, version 9, 9.5 and 10 did a real job providing the customers what they have been looking for.

DNS in my Desktop...

Amazing Facts about DNS

The software is developed by Nuance who are the leaders of this niche. The product was the result of their extreme research which lengthened years and years. You may visit their homepage to find out more of their solutions. The software is capable of transcribing also. Just talk to your computer and you can see the text in real time. Everybody having a Pentium chip and 512 MB of RAM can do it easily. That’s the minimum requirement for even the latest version. You can make the software to respond accurately to your talking needs if you tune it in the best manner. Nothing to worry about. During the first use, you will learn everything. You can set the voice and conversion preferences, speed, etc. during start up. Also, you can add your vocabulary to its dictionary explicitly. It’s really effective.

I personally use this software to make up rough drafts. I even tested this software to make this hub. Basically I am not a good typist and therefore I have to really depend on this tool. I found some accuracy problems during the startup. But now, everything seems to be ok. You too can try out this tool.

Good news: Dragon Naturally Speaking is the top editors pick and you can find that it is ranked as the best voice dictation software for the year in CNET Reviews. Happy?

There are a lot of features and specifications about this tool. I am not describing everything here. But I think I provided what you are looking for. You have to really use this product to know what I am really talking about. You can just buy the product. I promise you that it really worth the amount you are going to spend. Also, you can get into their affiliate program and start promoting the product the very next minute. You can have a good percentage of commission for every sale you make. It’s really great to retain your hard earned money from one or two sales.


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      HubMania 7 years ago from India

      You are welcome to share here your experiences using DNS. It would be helpful for the readers anyway.