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Best Wall Mount TV Stand 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Top 5 TV Wall Mounts for 32 - 55 Inch HDTVs

Believe it or not, there are several different options to choose from when deciding on a TV wall mount for your home. You may be familiar with these as you may have encountered them at the store at which you bought your current television.

The prices were probably pretty high, around $90, at which point you probably decided that it would be more cost-efficient to find a cheap used television stand for less than $20. However, TV wall mounts are actually relatively cheap when you purchase them online, as stores try to make a lot more money than they should off of TV wall mounts.

On, you can get most TV wall mounts for less than $15, which actually turns out to save you not only money but space when you think about placing your television.

Types of Mounts

There are also several different types of wall mounts, depending on what kind of function you want it to have within your house. The most common type of wall mount is a low profile mount, which you can mount onto your wall and essentially just hang your television off it like you would a picture frame off of nails. The television hangs off the wall mount by means of posts, and this is the best type of mount if you want your television to remain as close to the wall as possible.

Another type of wall mount is a tilt mount, which functions almost exactly the same as a low profile mount, except that it allows you to tilt the television up and down to improve your viewing angle depending upon where you’re sitting, so that this type of TV wall mount improves in utility. There are also arm TV wall mounts, which allows you to mount your television onto an arm that can swing out from the wall.

This TV wall mount allows you to adjust your viewing angle more than the other two thanks to its flexibility. The major disadvantage of the arm TV wall mounts is that they are probably the bulkiest type, and thus take up the most room in your house. There are also flip down mounts available that make it easy to hide your television in a cabinet or some other storage space when you’re not looking, although this type of TV wall mount is typically more compatible with smaller television screens.


After you have decided on which type of wall mount you want, you need to make sure that your television will fit on the wall mount. In your television’s owner’s manual, it should tell you whether or not your television is VESA-compliant, which means that it is capable of being mounted rather than just placed.

Most televisions are VESA-compliant, and your television is given a VESA number as well. Just be sure that whatever mount you choose is compatible with your particular television’s VESA number, so that you don’t waste your money or your time by installing a mount that won’t actually support your television. Here is a list of some of the best TV wall mounts available on the market today.

5 stars for Mount-It! Dual-Arm Articulating Wall Mount

Mount-It! Dual-Arm Articulating Wall Mount

This arm wall mount from Sony allows you to swing your television out from the wall after you’ve mounted it and enjoy watching from a number of different angles. Because of the design, you can actually tilt your television with just your fingertip, rather than having to overexert yourself to get your television to the right angle.

The arm can extend up to twenty inches from the wall, and the arm also includes a predefined path for you to guide your cables through and keep them out of the way. The Mount-It! Articulating Wall Mount weighs approximately 75 pounds and comes with a ten year warranty.

Amnimount LEDW60 TV Wall Mount

This TV wall mount from Omnimount can support televisions that weigh up to 60 pounds, and actually holds them flush to the wall so that your television looks just like another piece of artwork hanging on your wall.

This Amnimount LEDW60 TV wall mount is made of aluminum alloy and uses the same cables that they use in airplanes, so that you can rest assured that your TV wall mount won’t break down and cost you your television. This product is also designed with environmentally friendly materials and works with any LED, LCD, and plasma screen television.

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Sanus LT25 TV Wall Mount

This is a tilting wall mount that allows you to adjust the viewing angle of your television vertically. One of the best benefits of the Sanus LT25 TV wall mount is that it is made of aluminum and is thus very lightweight and easy to install.

You can also slide your television to the left and the right to ensure that your television is in the perfect position, even after you’ve installed the mount.

Peerless SUF651 TV Wall Mount Stand

The Peerless SUF651 is one of the world’s slimmest TV wall mounts, so that is as unobtrusive as possible and saves more space than ever when you mount your television.

The sleek, stylish design of this wall mount is completely hidden when your television is fully mounted, but even if your guests do happen to see the mounting behind the television, thanks to its classy design you won’t be embarrassed.

Cheetah PDAM2B Dual Arm Wall Mount Stand

This wall mount supports a lot of weight from your television even though the mount itself only weighs forty pounds. This model can support almost any screen regardless of size, all the way up to a 65 inch screen.

With the Cheetah PDAM2B dual arms, you can extend your television up to 27 ¼” away from the wall after installation, and you can tilt your television 180 degrees sideways, and up to 15 degrees up and down, for ultimate viewing angles.

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