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Best Ways For Finding Great Blogging Topics

Updated on July 11, 2015

New Ideas On Blogging

Bloggers are always in the search of new, trending topics for their blogs. But getting new topics for your blog every week is not an easy task at all. So if you are not sure what to write every week for your blog, then wait there are some ways you can get new ideas for your next post.

So you are running out of topics for your new blog post? Or you want to know more about the next topic you are writing about? Believe me, banging your head won't pop out a new idea for your blog.

Why Do You Need To Find Great Blogging Topics?

I think its not necessary to tell you that you want your blog post be read by many visitors. Obviously you write in the hope to be inspired and inspire others. Writing about the new topics can boost up your traffic to your site and may bring you more earnings (in case you are writing for money).

Fresh topics, more readers engagement, more inspiration.

Finding Ideas


Google Alerts

Google Alerts is an online service by Google that helps you get alerts about the keywords you set. You have to set an alert with some keywords related to your blog and it will deliver the stories directly to your email. Read the stories or throw the link for future use. When you get sufficient stuff related to your blog you can surely write on the topic.

Google Alert
Google Alert | Source

Newspapers And Magazine

I have written some posts getting ideas from national newspapers and magazines. Newspapers and magazines have stories, case studies of all topics. Start reading the columns on the newspapers related to your interest and blog topics. Talk on the national trends and engage your readers.

Read Your Competitors

Remember every bloggers get new ideas for their blogs. Subscribe the bloggers who write on the same topic as yours and get ideas for your new post. If you are writing on the same topic as your competitor then you can include their link as love.

Get Ideas From Your Audience

To engage your audience you need to write about the topic your audience want to read about. It is the best and reliable way. Ask your audience what they want to read, do a small research and get started on the topic. You can ask your audience either by starting a discussion forum on your blog or directly from the comments section.


Competition | Source

Join Discussion Forums

Discussion forums related to your blog topic not only help you get new ideas but also help you widen your knowledge on the topic you are going to write about. Look the topics the users are interested and write about the same in your blog.


Quora Logo
Quora Logo

Join Quora

Quora is a question answer community where you can ask or answer the questions on almost all topics. You can even copy the ideas from the answers given by the experts. One thing i should appreciate from Quora are the answers are given by the experts. Ask the questions, get the well described answers and get ideas for the next great post for your blog.

How To Find Blog Post Ideas


How many posts in a week do you write in your blog?

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Updating you blog regularly can really increase your blog popularity and can increase engagement of your audience. If you run out of ideas for your blog post then use the above mentioned methods to generate new ideas for your new post.


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    • dipenneupane profile image

      Dipendra Neupane 2 years ago from Nepal

      Thank you!

    • profile image

      Aashish 2 years ago

      Great ways! I will surely give a try to all of these. Awesome post!