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Best Websites

Updated on October 14, 2010

Top Websites on The Internet

Have you ever wondered what the best websites on the Internet are? Millions of people use the Internet everyday and visit thousands of websites. But what are the best websites out there and how many people visit them each day? It’s time to do some Bookmarks spring cleaning to make room for the best websites on the Internet.

The Number One Website
The Number One Website

Number One: Google

Everyone has heard of Google, hell, they even have their own verb. Don’t know? Google it! Google allows people to search the Internet for websites, pictures, blog updates and even your local area. They are number one in all search engines on the Internet.


Number Two: Facebook

Everyone and their grandmother is probably on Facebook now. Facebook allows people to connect with each other, share their pictures, videos, other websites and even their most mundane thoughts.


Number Three: YouTube

Have a funny moment caught on video? Upload it to YouTube! It could go viral and you could be an Internet celebrity overnight. YouTube is a social site that allows people to upload videos and leave comments for other people’s videos.


Number Four: Yahoo!

Yahoo! Is another search engine that is second is use next to Google. Yahoo! used to be the top dog in search engines in the 1990s, however, Google has overtaken them and Yahoo! is now struggling to compete with them. There are talks of Microsoft buying over Yahoo! but nothing has happened to date.


Number Five: Bing

Bing is yet another search engine, this time by Microsoft. It was once known as Live Search and was released on May of 2009. Although late in the search engine game, Microsoft has managed to make its way up to the 3rd largest search engine on the Internet, a pretty impressive feat for such a short time.

Baidu Chinese Search Engine
Baidu Chinese Search Engine

Number Six: Baidu

Baidu is another search engine but if you ever went to their website you would be very confused, unless you know a Chinese language! Baidu is a Chinese search engine and the first company to offer searches on mobile phones in China.


Number Seven: Wikipedia

If you are a student then you probably know about Wikipedia. It is a vast repository of information. Wikipedia has over 16,000,000 articles on about any topic you can think of! These articles have been jointly written by volunteers across the globe.


Number Eight: Blogger

Blogger is a blogging platform created by Google. It is free and simple to use so anyone can start their own blog and begin speaking their mind! There is no need to learn complex HTML and web design as everything is done via a graphical user interface.


Number 9: Twitter

Twitter is another social networking website with characteristics of a blog. You can post a “Tweet” that is a maximum of 140 characters and it is visible to the public. Many celebrities and companies have started using Twitter to promote themselves and their products.


Number 10: QQ

This is yet another Chinese company ranking in the top 10. QQ is very popular free chat software in China. The software is so popular that there are over 100,000,000 QQ users signed on at any given time.



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      drmingle 7 years ago from United States

      Wow! I didn't realize...very informative.