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10 Amusing Websites to Cure Boredom

Updated on June 17, 2011

These Are Sure to Entertain You...

1. The Onion -

Claiming to be "America's Finest News Source", The Onion puts a twist on current events, as well as making up their own. Some of these stories may seem all-to-real, and it's up to you to decide whether or not to believe it. The Onion strives to point out the obvious, exaggerate, and pretty much present a satire of some of the ridiculous stuff the news covers.

2. The Oatmeal -

The Oatmeal is one of the most original sites I've come across. With it's unique comics that accompany its posts, it will literally leave you rolling on the floor. Though its collection of comics and quizzes is slightly limited, the brilliant authors are adding new posts all the time.

3. The Berry -

The Berry is sort of an all-purpose website, but it has tons of posts relating to plastic surgery and tattoo mistakes, bitter notes, and hilarious office banter. The assortment of subjects and topics will leave you with something to do for hours. My personal favorite is the "questionable tattoes", which asks the question: You know these are permanent, right?

4. College Humor -

This is what it sounds like: the things a college student would relate to and also find hilarious. From booze to relationships to getting a job, this site makes fun of and touches on pretty much everything. There are tons of videos, pictures, and articles to keep you entertained for hours.

5. FML -

Just in case you're a fan of those other tell-my-crappy-story sites, I thought I'd remind everyone that FML still exists! This site is updated a million (slight exaggeration) times a day, and the stories never get less funny. Also, it's a great way to make yourself feel better about your life.

6. Dear Blank, Please Blank -

This site has a compilation of users that just need to tell someone something. Many of these posts will remind you of the things that make you pissy on a daily basis. It's comforting to know so many people feel the way you do. Really, it is.

7. ICanHazCheezburger -

Do you like cats? How about cats with misspelled, funny captions attached to their pictures? Well, this is the site for you! Home of the famous LolCats, this site will leave any pet lover in tears (of laughter). This Internet craze has been everywhere; there is a never-ending collection of hilarious photos for you to enjoy!

8. GraphJam -

This site presents a seemingly endless gallery of graphs made to make you nod your head and say "Exactly". These graphs are about anything and everything, and will leave you with the knowledge that you aren't alone in any situation, whether it be hilarious or sad.

9. FailBlog -

This site showcases tons of people just plain failing at life. FailBlog is your stop for stupidity, and wondering what is wrong with people sometimes. You can even upload your own fail, to show to the internet world!

10. Demotivaton Demotivator -

We've all seen the famous demotivation posters. A terrible picture paired with a description that makes the subject look ridiculous. There are so many of these, and they are easy to make yourself! Take a look through the gallery of pessimism. So sadly funny, but so true.

Bonus Site!

StumbleUpon -

StumbleUpon gives you the ability to surf through 10 websites a minute if that's what suits you. Stumble requires a log-in, but it's totally worth it. If you download the toolbar, you can click and arrive on a random page any time you want! You can tailor Stumble to suit your hobbies and interests, and find sites you will like. This is one of the best inventions on the web, in my opinion.


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