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Logitech Wireless Mouse Review

Updated on December 11, 2010

2011 The Best Wireless Mouse

If you haven’t gone to a wireless mouse there really is no better time. Wireless mouse are designed easy to use with long lasting battery life. Without a cord they are easy to maneuver and comfortable to use. Wireless mice transmit data to the computer using a infrared or blue tooth. There is a USB port that goes into the computer that receives the data. As the technology becomes better and better the USB ports that plug into the computer become smaller and the battery life is longer lasting. Check out some of my top picks for Logitech wireless mice.

Logitech M505

The M505 is one of the best mice available on the market because it is stylish, comfortable, has a great battery life and has rubber gripping offering contour. It has a bit more weight to it than many other wireless mice but this offers a smoother feel to the controls. Highly Recommended.

How to Pick a New Mouse:

  1. Price – Many people would pay a fortune for a wireless mouse, but I’ve discovered you can buy one for between $15 -$25 and find exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Comfort and Size. The size plays directly into how comfortable a mouse is. The advantages of a mini size are strictly for storage. Mini mice are uncomfortable to use and can make your hand cramp, unless you have very small hands. Typically the average size mouse is comfortable to use.

  3. Battery life and Durability – Nobody wants a mouse that has poor battery life or cheaply manufactured. There are some very poorly constructed mice where the buttons will not work or the battery cover will fall off.

  4. Style – Most brands of mice will now offer a variety of colors and some unique styles to boot.

  5. Receiver Size – A tiny USB receiver is a must if you are plugging into a laptop. A larger size can break or stick out far from the computer.

Logitech M510

If you want bang for your buck here is a good solid buy. The M510 is a full size mouse providing comfort, it has a very small USB receiver allowing for easy access to the computer and storage on the mouse. The battery life is sufficiently long. Recommended.

Solid Buy for the Price - M305

Logitech M305

More Budget friendly, this mouse is overall comfortable with a tiny receiver as an advantage. It uses a single AA battery with an on and off switch. Overall a great buy product. It is slightly smaller than some of the higher end mice, so it may feel uncomfortable to some users. There is storage inside the battery compartment, which is convenient. Solid Buy.

Logitech V220

This mouse is contoured allowing it to feel more comfortable in your hand despite it smaller design made specifically for laptop users. It also uses a single AA battery. An LED light indicates when the battery is getting low. Excellent Buy.


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