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Best WordPress Books for bloggers and developers

Updated on April 26, 2015

WordPress has been a silent revolution and facts suggest that one in five webmasters across the web run their websites on WordPress. People love WordPress because it is open source, provides opportunities to all interested developers and designers to contribute to the community and develop themes and plugins we use everyday. But even to a learner, it holds on to that same magic. There are hundreds of WordPress books and itself recommends about 15 books that are bound to turn a beginner into a more serious WordPress explorer. But, who has time to read 15 books. So here I have listed the best two WordPress books that cover everything, from the simple task of creating a blog post to more complex tasks of developing themes and plugins. Having these two informative WordPress books showcased on your bookshelf is a thing to boast of.

WordPress For Dummies

WordPress for Dummies is one of the best WordPress books out there and with this latest 5th Edition, also comes a ton of new tutorials. This book is for all WordPress beginners who want to stay ahead of the competition. From introducing WordPress to using hosted and later self-hosted services, this book covers it all for you. You will also learn how to create even a social networking site using WordPress. This WordPress book is a must have if you want to save time searching for things on the Internet and move forward in an organized way. Do remember to check the table of contents and I bet, you will be overwhelmed. You can watch the video intro of this book by author Lisa Sabin-Wilson. This book is the best in the market for new bloggers and webmasters.

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Smashing WordPress: Beyond the Blog

This 350+ pages WordPress book is incredible. From a reputed writer for Smashing Magazine, Thord Daniel Hedengren, this book covers WordPress theme and plugin development in a nutshell. He starts by teaching you a few WordPress basics and then jumps into building gorgeous WordPress themes with latest features. This WordPress book specially suits the requirements of advanced users.

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Final Thoughts

I would suggest that you take sometime off and read any of these two best WordPress books which you think will fulfill your quest and set you up a step ahead of the immense competition. Remember to preview the books on amazon and have a look at the topics covered. Do get the most recent edition and enjoy your WordPress journey with a reference you can trust with your eyes closed.


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