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Best Battery Saver App For Android

Updated on September 6, 2014

Battery in smartphones

Below i'll show you the best battery saver app for android which I use personally in my samsung galaxy s2. As you all know all the smartphones like iPhone or Android has problems with their batteries. In various cases it might stand for two days but generally it stand for only one day which is causing a lot of problems mainly during a trip. Thanks to this app my battery stand easily for two days when I'm not using heavily my android phone, in some cases for a day and a half when watching movies, playing games etc.

Go Power Master

Guys from GDT (authors of a great launcher EX and few others apps) created an excellent app which helps you to monitor and save battery. Main functions of this battery saver app for android are:

  1. Running applications monitoring - instantly you will know which apps consume most of your power
  2. Smart Power Saving - Go Power Master will automaticlly switch to the saving mode when power is low
  3. Time statistics - This battery save app will tell you exactly how much time is left for calls, video, audio, network or standby
  4. One click button let's you optimize your phone instantly

just scan this qrcode with your phone to get Go Power Master
just scan this qrcode with your phone to get Go Power Master

Closer Look

Let's take a closer look on this best battery saver app for android. When you open this application you can see 4 different options: Battery, Mode, Smart and Consumption.


  1. Battery option will let you know how much percentage of your battery has left
  2. Temperature of you battery
  3. Voltage of you battery
  4. Available time of remain power: Endurance, Calls, Video, Audio, Network and Standby
  5. You can change mode to General save, Alarm save, Conference mode and my mode
  6. Button Optimize will optimize your phone for selected mode


Second option Mode will let you choose modes, each mode turn off other functions of you android phone. For example if you choose super save mode - it will retain only calls and sms and if you choose Alarm mode it will shut all the functions including calls and text and leave only your alarm clock. Each one of you should try their own configuration (there's also an option to configure your own mode), for me super save mode works the best.


Has only two options:

  1. Switch mode by power - switch to super save when power is less than (here you can choose how much percent)
  2. Switch mode by time - Switch to Alarm Mode between ... ( here you can choose hours ). For example here i choosed between 02:00 am and 06:00 am because that's when I'm sleeping and i don't need anything from my phone except to wake me up in the morning.


This is just a simple taskiller which shows you how much percentage of power uses screen, radio, WIFI and apps.


Do you use any battery saver app?

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There are several reasons why for me this app is the best battery saver app for android.First of all this app is completely free, it doesn't have any Google Ads. Secondly it has a lot of functions which are fully customizable. Thirdly this app replaces at least two others apps that i was using earlier.

If you don't know how to scan QR codes you can go to Google Play Store and download this app.

If you really want to start saving your battey on an Android Phone (In my case it went from one day to nearly three days) you would need to change you ROM to for example to Cynagenmode. Below you will find a video about it.


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    • dannycarrey profile image

      dannycarrey 5 years ago

      Liz - please do but I'm sure you will like it :).

    • Liz-reviews profile image

      Eunice Elizabeth 5 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      Just downloaded for my Samsung 2 (work phone)...will come back and let you know what I think. Thanks for the Hub.

    • dannycarrey profile image

      dannycarrey 5 years ago

      I used both I even bought PRO version of juice but for me the best it's Go Power Master

    • profile image

      Fabian 5 years ago

      Did you used Juice Defender? if you did, wich do you recommend?