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5 best point and shoot digital cameras

Updated on July 22, 2013

In this article I will talk about 5 point and shoot digital cameras which in my opinion are the best on the market.

These kind of cameras are good for people who just want a simple digital camera for family or travel photos. They are easy to use and they deliver acceptable quality photos.

5 best point and shoot digital cameras:

Canon PowerShot A620

Full-featured and easy to use, compact point and shoot Canon PowerShot A620 is top of the range in its category. This high performance camera features a 7.1 megapixel CCD and customizable shooting settings that allow you to decide what to leave in manual mode and what to leave on automatic mode. Its large 2 inch LCD screen has a reticle option that helps you align and center your photos. You can also record movies up to 1GB in high quality video mode or up to 60 seconds in fast frames mode.

Canon PowerShot A620 is available at Amazon for 899 dollars (NEW). There you can also find used and refurbished PowerShot A620 devices from 50 dollars.

Canon PowerShot A620
Canon PowerShot A620

Canon PowerShot A610

If you do not really need a 7.1 megapixels camera, you can save money and buy a Canon PowerShot A610, which has the same features as A620, but it has only 5 megapixels. That's still enough to zoom, crop and print photos with rich details in sizes up to 20X25 cm. As A620 model, A610 has also 4X optical zoom, 2 inches LCD screen and several shooting modes to simplify the task of taking photos, even if you are a beginner.

Canon PowerShot A610 is available for 699 dollars at Amazon

Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP200
Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP200

Best point and shoot digital cameras: Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP200

Sony Cyber-Shot DSCP200 »»» Small camera, big LCD. Compact digital camera Sony DSC-P200 is only 4 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 1 inch deep, but has a 2 inches high resolution LCD screen, so you can instantly enjoy viewing and sharing photos. It also has a powerful 7.2 megapixel CCD, quick autofocus, and optical zoom lens with an increase of up to 3 times to help you bring the "subject" closer. The measurement before shooting flash adjusts exposure and reduces "red eyes". You can also use movie mode, to record as much as your memory device allows you.

Kodak EasyShare Z740

Kodak EasyShare Z740 is among best point and shoot digital cameras.

If you want to make snapshots and enjoy the simplicity of a "point and shoot" you must know Kodak EasyShare Z740, which gives you a powerful 10X optical zoom. If that´s not enough, there is also a 5X digital zoom, with a total capacity of 50X zoom. Exclusive Kodak Color Science Chip gives you vibrant colors photos, even under different lighting conditions. You can choose from 16 shooting modes to get the perfect shot, no matter if it's a beach scene or a self-portrait.

Kodak EasyShare Z740 retail price: 358.99 dollars.

Best point and shoot digital cameras: Fuji FinePix S5200

Fuji FinePix S5200

An intermediate option between digital "point and shoot" and SLR cameras is Fuji FinePix S5200. It's bigger and heavier than an average pocket point and shoot camera, but it has the exact size if you want to use long range lens and have greater control than you would have with a typical snapshooter for weekends. Its 10X optical zoom and 5.7X digital zoom gives you 57X total zoom. Intuitive body controls allow you to set up shots quickly without having to navigate through menus.

Fuji FinePix S5200
Fuji FinePix S5200

Best point and shoot digital cameras - Final Considerations

If you are an amateur photographer and you want a quicker shooting camera and that is compatible with multiple lenses, then you'll want an SLR camera rather than a "simple" point and shoot digital camera.

However, if you just want to save for posterity some family moments, or moments of your best holiday, travels or places you have visited, then a point and shoot digital camera fits perfectly.

SLR cameras are often bigger and more expensive than point and shoot cameras, so they will occupy more space on you luggage, and for what?

Furthermore, to take full advantage of an SLR camera you would have to spend some time to learn how everything works. Would you be willing to do that?

If not, just don´t think twice! Any of these 5 best point and shoot digital cameras (that I´ve just described above) is good for your needs.


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