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Best Earbuds for the Money 2013

Updated on June 19, 2013

Looking for the best earbuds to buy?

Are you looking for some fantastic ear buds so you can really "hear" everything you are listening to with exceptional clarity, and real life sounds?

We all want exceptional quality when it comes to the best earbuds for the money, and sometimes they can be difficult to find.

Check out the best-selling, most popular earbuds on the market

Many of us go through pair after pair, only to find that nothing is good enough.

If you are tired of spending money on earbuds that just flat out don't work, don't worry, if you purchase one of our recommendations below, you won't ever have to worry again.

Your search stops now. Whether you are an avid audio book listener, or if you adore classical music and want to block out the rest of the world for a few hours, you will need the best earbuds for the money that you can possibly find.

Don't just take our word for it. Check out the reviews from the Amazon customers. All of whom are very delighted and have rated the earbuds we have listed below very highly.

Best earbuds under $150

Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset
Bose® MIE2i Mobile Headset

You can accidentally wash a pair of these in your washing machine and they would still work just as they did before they went under.


Bose MIE 2i Mobile Headset - This pair of earbuds are for those Apple customers out there. You can even use these earbuds to take telephone calls. This is one of the more expensive choices, but anything from Bose is a guaranteed hit.

Their price is around $130, and they come in at a whopping 4 stars. It also comes with a protective carrying case. These earbuds are fantastic for you avid gym members who don't miss a beat, literally, and figuratively speaking.

Sony DREX 61IP Premium Ex Monitor Earbuds

This set of Sony earbuds is highly rated at 4 stars, and is created for Apply products such as the iPad. The design is specifically created for exact bass reproduction which is sealed tightly.

It also comes with both track and volume control, which prevents you from having to find the control keys on your iPad or iPod.

The comfortable in ear design of these earbuds will deliver a dynamite crystal clear sound.

Pioneer SE-NC31C-K Headphones, Black

With a top 4 star rating, and a name that reminds you of those teenage days, cruising around in a car with a fantastic system and a Pioneer CD Player, you know these in-earbuds will provide you with the highest quality.

The noise cancellation of these earbuds will give you outstanding sound and performance capabilities.

The headphones comes with a storage pouch, and 4 different ear tip sizes. You even have the option to listen to the surrounding sounds by clicking on the monitor button, or you can click it off so that you don't have to hear anything but the music. This is a purchase you won't regret.

Best earbuds under $100

Bose IE2 audio headphones
Bose IE2 audio headphones

These are the best earbuds for the money as they cost just under $100 and you will hear the greatness of the sound, and the outstanding musical detail that can't be found with any other earbud out there.


Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

These 4 and 1/2 star rated earbuds are for those of you who don't own Apple products but still want the fantastic sound that you will only get from owning a pair of Bose earbuds.

They come with StayHear tips which help them to stay in place during exercise and other activities. It also comes with a protective case.

Your music will sound much smoother and these Bose earbuds will give your beats a more natural sound. They are highly structured, steady, and stable.

Best earbuds under $80

Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (127593) - Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)
Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers (127593) - Black (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

They eliminate any vibration with their chrome, all metal housing that brings you the purest of sound.


Monster Turbine High Performance In-Ear Speakers

At 4 stars, 600 reviews, you can be sure and secure with purchasing these. They are truly the best earbuds for the money that you will buy because it feels like you have speakers in your ears.

If you want concert like sounds playing while you relax, exercise, or ride along in the passenger seat when you are traveling with your family or friends, these monster earbuds are the right choice.

They are designed in such a way that they cannot be tangled. They come with eartips in various sizes so that all noise is sealed out.

Best brands of earbuds to buy for sports

Ready to buy some awesome buds?

Everyone has difficulty picking out a pair of earbuds because in going through set after set, it may get intimidating when settling on the perfect pair. Most of these earbuds can't be found in stores. Depending on your style and what you are looking for, you may want to take time out to make the right decision.

With these 5 amazing choices of the highest quality, best earbuds for the money, as well as the most popular and highly rated brands that you can find, you cannot go wrong with anyone of these choices.

You can make an online purchase safely by checking each description, the ratings, and if the pair of earbuds is for Apple products or not. By providing you with this information, you can feel secure with the choice you decide to make in the end.


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