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Best iPhone Apps for New Dads

Updated on March 30, 2011

Having a baby can be a daunting and exciting time. There is so much to keep track of—when the baby has slept, when she has eaten, what her weight is, when her doctor's appointments are. The iPhone has given us many conveniences that can be useful for new dads to stay on top of all this information. Here are the top iPhone apps for new dads.

BabyBrain. It is important for a new dad to keep track of his baby's activities. For example, new dads need to keep track of when their baby was last changed to make sure she is having consistent digestion. New dads also need to keep track of the baby's feeding schedule to make sure she is eating enough and getting her food on time. A baby's sleep schedule also needs to be tracked to make sure she is getting enough sleep at the right times. For new dads, it can be overwhelming to track all of this information. Luckily, BabyBrain makes it easy to enter this data and keep track of your baby's needs. Having all the information in one place will help new dads meet their babies' needs quicker.

iBear Baby. Being a new parent is very exciting, because there are lots of firsts—baby's first step, first word, first experience with snow, etc. New dads want to capture all these moments and keep them for mom, friends, and family. iBear Baby lets stay home dads store this information. This app lets new dads keep pictures of their baby, record weight growth, and put doctor's trips on the calendar all in one convenient place. Using this app along with BabyBrain can give new dads a detailed record of their baby's needs and activities.

iHomeopathy. New parents are constantly on the lookout for potential health risks to their baby. This app is your one-stop source for information on treating injuries such as burns, insect bites, rashes, and much more. If your child suffers a bite or allergic reaction, you can consult this app on how to treat it and whether it warrants a trip to the doctor. While new dads used to have to resort to consulting heavy at-home medical guides, this app makes it easy to find information to help your child from anywhere.

Baby Pack and Go – To Do and Travel Packing List. Just the act of leaving the house with a new baby can be an adventure that requires careful planning and packing. This app provides new dads with a list of things a baby might need that should be packed on outings. New dads can also add items to the list and track to-dos as well.

Image Credit: mastrobiggo


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