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Best iPod Apps: Temple Run

Updated on January 25, 2012

As most of us know, there is a huge array of iPod apps out there and it can sometimes be hard to weed out the weaklings and find the real gems. I believe that I've found such a gem in Temple Run. Never has a game with such a simple premise grabbed my attention so quickly and had me trying "one more time".

Run for your life!

The premise of this game is simply "run for your life!" Looking at the picture on the right, that guy being chased by the monkeys is your character. And he runs - faster and faster. With a swipe of your finger, your guy turns left or right, he jumps over tree roots and holes, or he slides under barriers of fire.

But don't trip or stumble. Don't take a corner badly. Or thoses monkeys will get you!

As you go, you'll pick up coins. These coins can be used to "purchase" new characters and special powers. You'll need to tilt your device to the left or the right to have your character run along the side of the pathway to collect coins found there.

You will also have to meet certain objectives. You'll receive your first commendation when you've run 500 metres without being caught. The next pat on the back comes when you've collected 100 coins. But those are easy. Try running 1000 metres without collecting any coins. It's not as easy as it sounds.

Purchases of more coins can be made in the app, but it is not required.


Temple Run is free from the iTunes AppStore. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires an iOS of 3.0 or later.


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