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Best iPod Apps: Where's My Water?

Updated on November 2, 2012

Some iPod apps are useful. You never imagined you needed them until you downloaded them and realized that you suddenly cannot live without them. Some apps are fascinating, opening up whole new worlds and imparting wisdom that you certainly didn't have before you handed over that whopping $0.99. And then there's the games - some so simple that it's staggering to think that the creaters had big hopes for success or buckets full of money.

But often, these are the games that achieve 5 star ratings in the App Store.

And along came Swampy

Described as "highly addictive", "one of the best" and the game that "manages to get everything right", Walt Disney's Where's My Water has over 140 challenging levels and the creators are adding new ones regularly. This puzzle game uses retina display graphics and multi-touch controls, enabling the more agile players to do two things at once and complete the levels with the highest possible points in the least amount of time.

Swampy the Alligator is our main character. He lives underground, in the sewers, and he wants nothing more than to take a shower. But can he? No, those pesky friends of his have damaged the pipes and sadly the water Swampy needs is just not getting through.

Our job is to help guide the water to Swampy by digging away at the dirt, building bridges or opening valves. With amazing life-like fluidity, the water sloshes and splashes around. But look out for the toxic sludge, the algae, the thorny vines and many other traps and triggers that could spell the end of Swampy's relaxing shower.

Each level yields three rubber duckies and many levels have hidden collectibles. Keep your eyes peeled and your touch light.

Strength to Strength

This game's strengths lay not only with the vivid colors and the orginal, catchy soundtrack, but also in the fact that it is easy to play. By that, I don't mean that it's not challenging (some levels might take 30 tries!), I simply mean that the game is well laid out and reloads quickly and without fuss and pompous flash screens which cause unnecessary delay.


Although there is a FREE version of this game, the full version is well worth the $0.99 that it costs. The game is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and requires OS 4.0 or later.


This game is frequently being updated with new levels and new characters.


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