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Best iPhone Games -- All About Puzzles

Updated on September 9, 2013

With an iPhone or iPod touch, you can forgo purchasing game cartridges or discs; just download your games directly to the device. The Apple App Store has a large selection of games, including many titles found on hand-held gaming consoles. Best of all, you'll pay from $0.99 to $4.99 for the game not $20+.

There are many categories of games available from the App Store such as Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board, Card, Casino, Strategy, and many more. This article is going to focus on games under the category Puzzle, and specifically those games that best represent what a puzzle game should be.

Peggle for iPod/iPhone
Peggle for iPod/iPhone | Source


Peggle by Pop Cap Games ($2.99) -- Quite possibly the most addictive puzzle game of all time. A cross between a pinball game and that Plinko game they play on the Price is Right.

Running the game in Adventure mode takes the user through a series of different puzzles. A puzzle consists of an arrangement of pegs in four different colors and 10 balls that must be manipulated to hit them. Red pegs are the pegs that must be completely removed to solve the puzzle. Purple pegs are point boosters which increase the points earned for the ball in play. Blue pegs are the lowest scoring pegs but offer a way to bounce balls to reach more desired pegs. Green pegs usually give an added advantage to winning the game.

Each puzzle has a hero character in charge which grants different special features given when green pegs are hit. Some features include turning the next ball into a fireball, adding pinball style flippers to the bottom of the screen to keep the ball in play longer, and re-directing a shot to its best advantage.

The adventure mode consists of 11 stages of 5 puzzles each that increase in difficulty. If that wasn't enough to make this game amazing, there are still the Quick Play, Challenge, and Duel modes left to play. To quickly replay a favorite puzzle, there's the Quick Play. To access more difficult puzzles and scenarios, there's Challenge mode. Finally, Duel mode allows the user to play against another player or the computer.

When you've beaten Peggle, be sure to check out the game pack Peggle Nights.

Check out this full review of Peggle with tips and tricks.


Fling! by CandyCane LLC ($0.99, also has a free version) -- Features the cutest little fluff-balls ever. The game actually refers to them as furballs, and the point of each puzzle is to remove all but one from the screen. This is done by moving them horizontally or vertically by flicking (or flinging) them with your finger and watching them roll.

The game has a very simple interface, yet it manages to look very rich and vibrant. The furballs are displayed in a variety of colors and have adorable little eyes an mouths. Interface options are: skip this puzzle, get a hint, undo last, and menu. When maneuvers have left too many furballs on the screen and no other moves, undo can be clicked until the stage returns to the initial set up.

Has 30 levels of game play with multiple puzzles per level. A very helpful instruction round begins at first play that gets the user going quickly (see video below). Easy to leave a puzzle and come back to it later.

Playing Fling


Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2 by Pop Cap Games ($0.99) -- Bejeweled games have been around for some time but are still among the greats.

Bejeweled 2 has four modes of play: Classic, Action, Endless, and Blitz.

Classic offers the same style of game play as the original Bejeweled. A screen full of brightly colored gems is shown and groupings of three or more must be made in order to remove jewels from the screen. A grouping of four results in a bomb-like piece. A grouping of 5+ results in a piece that, when selected in combination with a jewel, will remove all of that type of jewel from the screen.

Action adds a timer to each level requiring it to be solved in a certain amount of time. The game can be paused on screen and restarted.

Endless is like a starter-mode. It can be played at the user's pace and has the added bonus of not running out of moves and ending the game.

Blitz allows for playing against friends on Facebook.

Read a full review at: Pocket Gamer

Final Thoughts

True Puzzle games offer challenge and fun without the stress associated with first-person-shooter and action games. They are easy to begin and very difficult to complete. The games listed above represent the best available from the App Store and can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

Lastly, the company Pop Cap puts out some really great games (not a paid endorsement - I swear!).

Written by: Jeanette Cline

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