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Best ipad apps for Learning

Updated on March 11, 2012


An encyclopedia so excellent that Apple company has used it for Siri on iPhone 4S. An outstanding resource.

DK The Human Body App

Examine the depth of the human body, from the central nervous system to the tiniest cellular material.

Discover - Wikipedia in a magazine

Wikipedia funnelled, by using a magazine structure to really make it much more intriguing to browse.

The Night sky

Make use of this wonderful application with an ipad to view a lot more clear picture of the sky above you.

The Elements - A visual exploration

Grounding the periodic table in physical objects and concepts that people can relate with in our day-to-day lives, The Elements is a good type of coffee table book for the apple ipad.

Best iPas Apps for Learning
Best iPas Apps for Learning

Gems and Jewels

There aren't many larger downloads on apple ipad than 'Gems and Jewels', but there are handful of that are as beautifully rendered and developed either. Being an encyclopedia of the very precious components on the earth, it's amazing. Packed with elaborate detail and written in a way that can make it very easy to digest, it's an excellent reference for learning, plus an interesting product to grab and study every so often, but that's only the basis of this application.

Its success is its animated and entertaining imagery which allow you to turn and use object on screen. This put the valuable jewels in your hands in a manner that printed media could in no way dream about. As a result, Gems and Jewels is really a masterwork of the application that may have you riveted within minutes.

Google Earth

Better now than it's ever been, Google Earth has truly expanded and developed both as being an concept and as a form of software since it launched. On ipad it finds its easiest and amazing home, putting the world at your fingertips to discover.


While other space neighbor's applications can come with plenty of fancy photography effect or carry particular gimmicky elements, redshift is a classical, but extremely well designed and expansive application, with 100,000 stars and 500 galaxies to find out.


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