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Best iphone 4 cases: you have to wait for variety

Updated on May 6, 2012

Because of the issue with the iPhone 4 known as the death grip, many people are looking to buy iphone 4 cases in order to solve this problem. This is a flaw with the phone that can result in decreased reception as a result of holding the phone at the left corner. Because the hand of the user blocks the reception you can experience a large decreased in signal. Many customers have also complained about dropped calls that have resulted because of this issue. What you can do to avoid this issue and keep the iPhone 4 protected is simple purchase a case. 

One of the best iphone 4 cases is the one that is currently made by Apple and it is called a bumper case. This is a new design for the protection of a phone because it provides very little protection. The case is made of hand plastic and snaps around the outside of the phone. This offers limited protection for the face of the phone but it can keep the phone protected on the outside. It also covers the portion of the phone that is not intended to be held and this can help to avoid the experience of any reception issues.

If you purchase this case for $29 you will be able to avoid the death grip issue. You will also keep the sides protected and the phone looking great. Because it maintains the same look as the iPhone 4 was designed for, this is a case that many people enjoy owning. Another popular case for iphone 4 is the invisibleShield by Zagg. This is one of the products that many people love to protect their Apple device. This is a clear plastic that will be applied to the surface of your phone and you can use it as you normally would. This is probably  the best iphone 4 case for the price of $25.  


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