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Budget smartwatch - what's available out there?

Updated on July 24, 2016

What are the market leaders?

For starters I believe it's best to check which producers are known as ones delivering highest quality products in specific product group (and who is unknown when we speak about budget options).

Here is the list of so far best producers of smartwatches:

  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • Casio
  • Tag Heuer
  • Sony
  • Asus
  • Pebble
  • Vector
  • Moto
  • Garmin
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • Fitbit

The list is a bit large but You could agree – not so many unfamiliar faces here. A lot of companies that are known for their smartphones are trying to claim this market as well.

Although these companies will charge a bit extra for the brand, but its price we pay for safety since none of the above mentioned want to mix their name with dirt.

I'll go more in depth of each comapnies budget and high end offerings on my upcoming posts, but at this point I'll aim low. $ 100.00 low.

Budget smartwatches under $ 100.00

Who is offering a budget smartwatch? Surprisingly many, to be honest. There are a lot more smartwatches under $ 100.00 than I expected to see.

Main provider of this cheaper end is Pebble with prices starting as low as $ 89.94 (for Pebble Time Smartwatch) and taking from user reviews, it's doing what it promises. According to people who earn for their living by testing new technologies, this is not the smartwatch that You should pick if You want smartwatch that has very good fitness apps. And the screen does look a bit too dim for my taste as well. BUT other than that, if You need a smartwatch just to buzz you whenever You got mail or any other notifications, this is a very nice budget pick if You like the design as well.

Next one on the list is ASUS with its ASUS ZEN Smartwatch for bargain $99.95 (it's on 50% sale at the moment). Also isn't the fit-nut pick since it has no heart-rate monitor and has limited iPhone compatibility, but overall a trustworthy investment - for the money paid it gives reasonable amount of features. Nothing fancy, but it works. :D

Last but not least comes the Sony offer - Sony Mobile SW2 SmartWatch 2 for just $84.99. This watch has a dust- and water-resistant design which is a huge plus in my eyes, since other than that it is pretty similar to other peers without fitness features like heart-rate monitor and so on. On its downsides I cannot skip that it has no support for iOS and is challenging to set up for non-Sony smartphones.

Not the budget class, but definitely setting up a benchmark:

Less of a budget watches

The sad truth is that it's hard to find a high quality smartwatch that at the same time is filled with neat features and could serve as a fitness bracelet. so for the conclusion I just wanted to point out watches that I believe are great quality from great manufacturer for a reasonable price.

First to mention is Apple Watch Sport that is currently being sold for $325.00. A bit pricy to be put in article about "budget smartwatches" but I could not neglect this one as this manufacturer is setting benchmark in so many fields including this one. That said, I have to add that this watch has flaws besides the price. It has no GPS receiver meaning your phone would have to have one and it should be with you that kind of makes it less of a sport watch from runners point of view. Also it gets slow with 3rd party apps. If You can live with that taking into account that Apple provides plenty of apps, then this is a great product.

My personal favorite - Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch $169.00 which is so far the lowest price I've ever seen for this item. It is full of features and yet has a really good battery life (4 days). Also highly recommended by other people who already tried it out. On the down side - it is pretty big and for a fitness watch, it could be water and dust resistant (which it is not)

Last but not least is the stylish LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch for $199.99. Love the design, definitely the most beautiful of all mentioned watches here. It works with iOS, has good battery life when compared with peers. It's not a sport watch so don't expect it to be one, but it does provide android apps and is pretty fast with them. On a down side, it's pretty expensive and might not be a good fit for people with smaller wrists. So You be the judge here.

Question to You

Which of the mentioned watches would You pick:

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