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Best touchscreen laptops: why and what?

Updated on March 13, 2012

Everyone is going nuts about tablet PCs. Many people seem to prefer the advantages of the touchscreen to the advantages of the classical laptop. However there are many things you cannot do with a tablet PC. Typing is not that fast and there are many other disadvantages. What if you could have both a tablet and a laptop combined into a single device? Would it not be great? In this article we will show you some of the best touchscreen laptops which we hope will make you forget about the tablet PC frenzy.

Touch screen laptops manage to offer the better of two different universes: pure tablet PCs and laptops without a touch screen. Are you tempted by such a wonderful device, but you are not sure which one to choose? We will show you some of the very best touchscreen laptops on the market.

One model you might appreciate is the flashy HP Touch Smart tx2-1275dx. It has a pretty good price and will offer you a multi touch screen. The price advantage also brings some disadvantages: This HP model has a very poor battery life and is pretty heavy. It is a good choice if you want an affordable touchscreen notebook.

On the opposite side, with a very long battery life is a device called Yukyung Viliv S5 which is very compact and will be preferred by you if you travel a lot. Its advantage of being very compact may sometimes also turn into a disadvantage. The Viliv S5 is very small. It is also kind of pricey.

Another interesting touchscreen laptop is the one produced by the well known Asus Company. The Asus Eee PC T91 is a small touch laptop with a great battery life. The bad thing about it is that it comes with a very weak processor and has a tiny hard drive.

These are some of the best touchscreen laptops. All of them are still not perfect because manufacturers have just started producing these innovative devices. Even so they are worth the try. So if you are attracted by having a device that acts as a notebook but is also a tablet whenever you want it to be you should start searching for touchscreen laptops. Good luck finding a touch screen netbook model that suits your needs.


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