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Best way of keeping CPU Temp down? - Keep PC cool

Updated on July 5, 2012
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Keeping computer cool

Needless to say, that a CPU survives for a longer period of time with proper cooling equipment. Knowing the optimal temperature for your CPU might be helpful when you do the overclocking. Then you can compare the baseline operating temperature with the temperature that your CPU reaches when you overclock. The main point is that you must avoid reaching the thermal limits of your CPU.

To find out the normal temperature of your CPU, it is best to check the documentation that you can acquire from a manufacturer. It is possible to remove heat when there is a big mass of material with low thermal resistance that can conduct the heat away from the chip towards the cooler air that surrounds it. For that you will need a heat sink. There are a few simple steps, that allows you to apply thermal compound to your CPU in order to acquire an optimal thermal bond between a cooling device and your CPU. For that you will need:

  • Thermal compound
  • A dry cloth and preferable lint-free
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A piece of plastic wrap or a vinyl glove
  • A single-edge razor blade
  • An antistatic pad or a chip storage bag

With the items described above, do the following to install the heat sink:

  • Remove the CPU from the socket and put it pins-down on the antistatic material.
  • Apply a few drops of isopropyl alcohol on the clean cloth and wipe the contact area and the top cap of the CPU core clean.
  • Apply a small drop of thermal compound to the area of the heat sink where it will contact the CPU.
  • Protect your fingers with a vinyl glove and smear the compound around into the surface of the heat sink.
  • Wipe the excess of the thermal compound off the surface of the heat sink with a clean and dry cloth. Do not clean it with the alcohol.
  • Apply a small drop of thermal compound to a corner of the CPU’s metal cap.
  • Use the razor to distribute the compound across the surface at the top of the CPU.
  • Remove as much excess as you can, leaving a thin layer of compound.
  • Put the CPU back into the socket in the system board. Do not disturb the thermal compound.
  • Put the heat sink as squarely and accurately above the CPU as you can.
  • Push the heat sink down, and then twist it to the left and right, and then back to the final centered position.

That way, you will get rid of the remaining excess of the compound, filling in the gaps, and bonding the heat sink to the CPU.


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