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Bestselling Digital Cameras from Amazon

Updated on January 16, 2016

Buy digital cameras from Amazon

Digital cameras are so ‘in’ right now, you can’t go anywhere without seeing somebody take out a digital camera, point and then shoot. Digital cameras offer certain benefits (or advantages) that film cameras could not. Some benefits include:

  1. Never having to buy a roll of film again and, if there’s no roll of film, never having to wait until the film gets developed and you see the actual pictures (instead you can print the pictures yourself).
  1. Being able to see the quality of the picture on a real – time basis (and delete and take the picture again, if necessary).
  1. Being able to take more pictures (according to the capacity of the digital camera, of course).
  1. Being able to expand the memory of your digital camera (so that you can store more pictures and/or videos).
  1. More features (especially for high end digital cameras) such as face detection (no blurry faces); night modes, motion detection, etc.

Of course, there are disadvantages as well. One is if you have a digital camera with a rechargeable battery, you will need to recharge it for hours before you can use the camera again (unlike a film camera where you can just go out and buy another set of batteries). Another is if you store all your pictures in the memory card and something happens to the memory card, you can say goodbye to your pictures. Still another is the higher cost of the digital cameras, particularly those that have more features.

In general, however, the benefits or advantages of using digital cameras outweigh the disadvantages. So if you think of buying one, go ahead. And where else can you find a wide range of digital cameras to choose from? From, of course.

This hub features some of the bestselling digital cameras sold by Read on and see if there is one that suits you.

Sony Cyber – Shot DSC – W530 14.1 MP Digital Still Camera

This Sony Cyber – Shot Digital Camera comes with a Carl Zeiss Vario – Tessar 4x Wide – Angle Optical Zoom Lens and a 2.7 – inch LCD. This digital camera is such a bestseller that there are actually three colors (of the same model) featured in the top 10 list – black, silver and pink. The lens measure 26mm wide. It has a Sweet Panorama Mode that enables one to capture beautiful landscapes. It has a SteadyShot image stabilization that reduces blur (so you don’t need to worry if your hands shake while taking a picture) and a Face Detection and Smile Shutter features. Lastly, it has the iAuto mode feature that enables the camera to “think” for you by recognizing the scenes and the conditions and adjusting the camera features accordingly.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera

At $820.50 (including savings of $78.50 as its original price was $899), this is the priciest digital camera among the top 10 bestselling digital cameras in Amazon. But before you write this off due to the price, consider first its features. It has an 18 MP CMOS sensor (18 MP being the highest megapixel among the digital cameras in the list), which provides higher resolution pictures and maximizes the light – gathering efficiency of the megapixels. It also has a 1,040 dot 3.0 inch Clear – View LCD monitor that tilts and swivels enabling its user to shoot at high or low angles. It has the ability to remotely control flashguns using its internal flash. It has a DIGIC 4 Image Processor which speeds up the camera operations. Lastly (but please take note, I am barely scratching the surface here), it has an improved full HD Movie mode that comes with manual exposure controls, a new Movie Digital Zoom and Video Snapshot features for an enhanced, easy to use video shooting options.

Canon PowerShot S95 10 MP Digital Camera

A tamer version of the Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera, this one, nevertheless, makes its own mark. It is ultra – slim and weighs only 2 pounds (the Canon Rebel weighs 4 pounds). It has a 28mm, 3.8x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom lens and a 3.0 – Inch LCD monitor. It also features Canon’s Hybrid IS which enables one to take blur – free, camera shake – free pictures even at a close – up range. If you want to take beautiful high definition (HD) videos, this digital camera is for you.

Nikon D3100 14.2 MP Digital SLR Camera

Let’s take a break from Canon digital cameras and go for the number 9 in the list of bestselling digital cameras. The Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera comes with a 14.2 megapixel CMOS image sensor and a 3 – inch LCD monitor. It has a 3x 18-55 mm VR image stabilization zoom lens, which enables one to capture gorgeous pictures and full high definition 1080p movies with sound and autofocus. It has a fast start up time, split – second shutter release and for every 1 second of shooting, one can capture 3 frames with an 11 – point autofocus. This digital camera comes with 6 Automatic Exposure Modes – Portrait, Landscape, Close – up, Child, Sports and Night Portrait. Lastly, this digital camera comes with an easy to use Nikon Guide Mode with intuitive controls and on – board assistance so you never get lost when you use it.

Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

Kodak EasyShare Sport C123 12 MP Waterproof Digital Camera

This waterproof digital camera is not among the top 10 bestselling digital cameras (for now, at least) but I just have to include it here. For one, it is a digital camera that is waterproof up to 10 feet underwater. It has Kodak’s 3 – step easy share feature (one – button upload to email, Kodak Pulse Display or even YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and FLICKR). Lastly, it is lightweight (at only 1 pound) but it definitely packs a lot of features in its small package.

And that’s it. There are more, believe me, and they each have their own wonderful features and state – of – the – art technology. Whatever camera you choose, I hope you find one that suits you. Thank you for reading my hub and have a nice day!


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    • profile image

      mts1098 5 years ago

      great job...before I owned my Android, I used the Sony Cybershot digital camera for all photo and video...It still works and I bought it in 2004...cheers

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 6 years ago from Philippines

      Hi MM,

      wow lucky you. buy one, buy one I urge you :). We bought one two years ago and we really do love our digital camera. Hope you will buy one. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too.

    • MM Del Rosario profile image

      MM Del Rosario 6 years ago from NSW, Australia

      Hi Emi,

      I just got my first Amazon Gift Card, maybe I will use it to buy a new camera, what do you think? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year....