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Beyond Firefox's "about:config", a list of "about:" pages of major browsers.

Updated on February 19, 2008

By now most people have heard of the "about:config" page for editing preferences in Firefox. What most people don't know is there are quite a few other "about:" pages for Mozilla Firefox and Seamonkey as well as for the old Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Flock, Konqueror, and Epiphany. All of these "about:" pages may be accessed by typing them into the location bar of the corresponding browser, just as you would any URL.

Here I will list the most common "about:" pages for each browser with an explanation of what they will display.


"about:" or "about:about" - Either of these, will give you version information concerning your build of Firefox.

"about:blank" - Displays a blank page.

"about:plugins" - Displays a page listing the names and information of allinstalled plugins.

"about:cache" - Displays cache service information.

"about:cache?device=memory" - Displays information about the memory usage, with each entry listed individually.

"about:cache?device=disk" - Same as above but displays the items cached to your disk along with cache location on disk and again the listing of cached items.

"about:mozilla" - Displays an amusing page from a fictional book titled "The Book of Mozilla".

"about:buildconfig" - Displays the build target platform, build tools (compiler), and configure arguements.

"about:config" - Displays an interface for setting and adjusting a number of browser configuration components.

"about:credits" - Lists people who contributed to Mozilla.

"about:logo" - Seamonkey only. Shows about:screen logo.

"about:licence" - Displays the EULA.

"about:license" - Same as above.

"about:neterror" - Displays the default "page can not be reached" page.


"about:myworld" - Displays the Flock "Myworld" page.


"opera:blank" - Displays blank page.

"about:blank" - Same as above.

"opera:about" - Displays browser and configured path information.

"about:opera" - Same as above.

"opera:cache" - Displays cache content.

"opera:config" - For Opera 9.0 and newer only. Displays a configuration page allowing access to many configuration options not available through the preferences window.

"opera:drives" - Displays local drives of your system.

"opera:history" - Displays browser history.

"opera:plugins" - Displays installed browser plugins.

"opera:button" - Allows definition of a custom button for opera commands.

"opera:help" - Help directory shortcut.

Internet Explorer

(It should be noted that windows allows for the configuration of many of the about: pages in Explorer, therefore some pages may vary. These pages may be changed by the user, service packs or by ad/spyware.)

"about:DesktopItemNavigationFailure" - Shows a navigation cancelled page.

"about:NavigationCanceled" - See above

"about:NavigationFailure" - See above

"about:Home" - Shows browsers current homepage.

"about:offlineinformation" - Displays page informing you that current page may not be viewed while offline.

"about:PostNotCached" - Displays warning that in order to refresh current page information from any forms will have to be re-entered.

"about:SecurityRisk" - Displays a page telling user it is unsafe to browse with current security settings.


"about:konqueror" - Displays a friendly start page.


(Epiphany uses the same layout engine as the Mozilla products. All Mozilla about: pages should work in Epiphany and have the same results. Below is the only Epiphany specific about: page.)

"about:epiphany" - Displays a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupry.


"about:people" - Used to redirect to Netscape's active employee listing.

"about:username" - Replace username with an active Netscape employee name from above to see that perrson's personal page.

"about:mozilla" - Same as in Firefox.

"about:language" - Replace "language" with a language such as "duetsche" to see Mozilla mascot in lederhosen. Other languages would get you the mascot in other traditional clothing.

"about:global" - Displays browser history.

(Most of the Netscape about: pages were based on now defunct web addresses therefore they will no longer work, good luck)

Those are all of the "about:" pages I know of for the more popular browsers out there right now. I hope this list helps you, or at least entertains you for a few minutes. Enjoy.


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