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Bicycle Computer Use

Updated on February 8, 2013

Cycling Computer

The use of cycling computers, It's not just for speed!

Cycling computers are a common site on many road bike users. As the mileage grows, You get a sense of how fast you are going. There is the ever present need to see your average speed grow just that much more. However, there are other reasons as well to use one. I will got through a number things one can use a cycling computer for. It may be not what you think.

When I put a cycling computer on to my A-bike, it looked like a waste of money. Given the fact that the bike is designed a a short range commuter only, why both even placing one on it? The reason was the fact that a number of pieces of data can be taken off the computer. The speed of the bike is the most visible part of the computers function. However, the other parts of the device come into play. The timer and average speed can be used for more then measuring speed of the bike. You can use this data get a life span of parts on the bike. Let me give an example. At about the 35 km point that the bike was being ridden, the very inexpensive pedals the bike has began showing signs of wear already. The left pedal began to show signs of bearing wear as the pedal moving on the shaft with up and down motion as well the normal rotating movment it does. This pedal was set was removed as to make the bike safer to use when replacement pedals where put on. I used the average speed of thev bike, that being 12 kph and divided this by the mileage. The bike had only about 3 hours riding time on it before the pedals wore out. Since each trip was only about an average of 4.5 km in dictance, it works out that the bike was only ridden about 7 times before the wear on the pedals happened. It could have had a few more trips then that but it showed a weak point on this bike. It can show others that whatl make strong use of this bike design something to look out for for. It gives a person testing the some type of measure to to determine just how well a bike will work. Given how the A-bike design works, the computer can give the owner/ tester a good solid base of data for measuring any of the problems that will be encountered while using the bike. By passing this information to other, it may help them to see if they would buy it at all. The A-bike design is a very complex one because of the folding design set-up. Any of the folding points are the weak points in the frame. By measuring the amount of time on the bike along with the distance travelled, one can get a rough idea of the life span of the bike. I just hope it is a long one.

Making use of it's primary function, it's speed indicated allows you to see get the best out of the bike design. I did a two year study of by recording all the rides I did. I found that I gained a little in average speed in the second year of riding. It was only a 1 kph increase but it was nice to see that. Some models over computers measure the heart rate of the rider. This information allows the rider to work within a safe range and gets a good workout as well.

That about it. By measuring the amount of time, one can measure the amount of time and distance it takes to wear things out. Whether testing a bike or just enjoying a normal bike ride, you get the idea how long things will last as it is used. Using it to get an idea of your speed is important as well. It is just another tool to help you get the best out of riding your bike.


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