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BillCloud Cloud Articles

Updated on February 12, 2017

Create a private cloud on Ubuntu using Apache Mesos

If you have some extra hardware laying around and you want to get into the cloud business then this article is just what you need. A private cloud is one where you own the hardware and you typically want to use it internally. One option you have is to use Apache Mesos in your private cloud.

Apache Mesos Private Cloud

Mesos is an open source solution from the Apache Group, the same people who bring you the Apache Web Server. From their website Apache Mesos is a "distributed systems kernel." This extends the idea of a kernel from a single operating system to the entire datacenter. It abstracts the CPU, memory, storage and other compute resources to the entire datacenter as a whole!

Getting Started

If you want to try it out all you need are either 5 virtual/physical machines that are all on the same network. Install Ubuntu 16.04 on them and follow the directions in this article to configure a Mesos / Marathon cluster in your own private cloud.

Learning More

To learn more about Apache Mesos I suggest getting a copy of Mesos in Action


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