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BitTorrent Downloadig Tips, Tricks and Tweaks for Faster Download

Updated on June 22, 2011

BitTorrent Protocol is used for large file downloading. As the file size is large, you need to follow some tips, tricks and tweaks for faster downloading. For example, we are downloading Windows 7, which size is above 3 GB. Certainly, it takes much time. But you can speed up by following some techniques. This page tell you all about those which can boost your downloading speed.

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Check your bandwidth which your ISP provides

To download BitTorrent, you need sufficient bandwidth. Many ISP limits the bandwidth for downloading BItTorrent. So, at first be sure whether your ISP controls Torrent Download? You can check it by clicking here. If your bandwidth is limited then you have nothing to do. So, check your bandwidth and consult your ISP and if necessary choose other ISP's Internet connection which provide sufficient bandwidth for downloading BitTorrent.

Use the best BitTorrent Client

Many things depend on the best use of good BitTorrent Client. If you use a BitTorrent client which is not so good then you can't find enough satisfaction to use that. Choose the best BitTorrent client. To choose the best BitTorrent client you may read What Is the Best BitTorrent Client?

Use the torrent file which has many seeds and peers

After fulfill the above things now other things deepen on the torrent file's health. Always use the healthy torrent files. Here, healthy means, which has much seers and much peers. You can read more How to Search the Best BitTorrent File?

Configure your computer firewall

To get the maximum bandwidth, sometimes you should have to configure the firewall settings. Remember, Windows XP has a default firewall. You must tell that to enable your BitTorrent client to download files through proper ports.

Limits the uplaod rate of BitTorrent client

If your BitTorrent client uploads unlimited then your download may be slower down. So, always limits the upload rate. Figure out the maximum upload rate and limit it only 80% of the total upload bandwidth. Initially, keep the upload high and then gradually limits the upload rate. One thing the more you upload the more speed you will get. So, don't stop your upload to zero.

Use different ports

Sometimes the ISP limits bandwidth the default port. So, it's a good idea to use other ports to download BitTorrent files. I find more than 50% extra bandwidth with other ports. So, you can check it and use other port to download BitTorrent.

Use your sense

Sometimes a BitTorrent file contains many things and has large size. For example, one day I am trying to download Style XP. I only need Style XP's whip theme. That them located on SyleXPMale.exe file. I search Style XP in mininova. There I found a healthy link and it's size was about 600 MB. I downloaded the torrent file. Later, I start downloading using uTorrent. At the downloading time, I see that torrent includes StyleXPMale, StyleXPFemale and 100 theme pack. Then I only select StyleXPMale and skip the other two download. So, I get easily that file with about 2 to 3 minutes. But if I don't do that then it may need around 2.5 hours to download. So, uese your own sense when you download using bittorrent file.

By following the above tips, tricks and tweaks you can easily the download speed of your BitTorrent client and can get the file easily.

© Written by rancidTaste

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    • vivekananda profile image

      vivekananda 7 years ago from India

      Well written. Useful info on Bit torrent.