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Bizarre Gadgets That Really Exist!

Updated on May 26, 2017
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Anan is an online blogger and private consultant since 2009 in the areas of relationships and interfaith spirituality.

Magic Wand TV Remote

Oh yeah, this one exists. For all of you Harry Potter fans this wand has the technology to change channels, volume and other 13 functions with a flick of your wand. Who needs a remote control when this is sooo much fun. The ultimate tool for all of those that always wanted to magically do stuff without buttons! You may not fight dragons or kill Voldemort but you can have a lot of fun making that T.V. of yours do what you want.

Not only that, but this cool wand can control other devices such as your I pod, lamps ,and DVD's. For as low as $79.99 you can have the power of a cool magic wand. ( Is a remote control with no buttons, that's it) Available online on

Check this out!

Jaws has nothing on these babies

Dolphin Power Boat

Yeah, everybody at some time wanted to be a dolphin (or Shark). Well today is your lucky day! For only $65,000.00 dollars (ouch) you can own a Dolphin Power boat. These babies are a combination of submarine and large aquatic mammal that are sure to give you hours of incredible fun.

Also Known as the Sea Breacher , this species defying aquatic vessel is capable of submerging and launching at a high speed into the air like a real dolphin. Jet skis just became obsolete.

Light Up Umbrella

Yeah, I know. But I couldn't resist this one. This can double as a safety feature and window display for your face. Well , at least for those that think that their beauty need to be highlighted in the dark.

Stay dry and lit up with this LED Light Up Umbrella. This umbrella features an LED shaft that lights up with multiple colors. ( Blue is pretty!) At 36 inches long this light up umbrella is perfect for rainy nights or to put together a Blade Runner style costume.

Interactive Pool Table

I love playing pool with friends and family, it can be very competitive too. This pool table is so amazing that some people would't mind paying the $25,000.00 retail price for it. Well, I cant afford it, but it's nice to dream. Can I?

Imagine playing billiards on this digitally upgraded pool table that interacts with every movement over the surface of the table. High definition imagery reveals itself underneath each ball, and more of the image gets uncovered as the pool balls roll over this high tech billiards table.

You have to see this...

Diesel Powered MechWarrior

Remember Robo Cop? The Japanese created this diesel powered robot that aside from being remote controlled you can ride in it.Now you can own your very own MechWarrior that stands 13 feet tall and weighs 4.4 tons. Known as the Kuratas, this giant MechWarrior actually has a cockpit for you to ride inside, and looks like a truly promising addition the SkyNet program.(Terminator reference)

Even though, I have no clue what would be the domestic use for these metal giants they are pretty cool.

The Sound Torch Flaming Bluetooth Speaker

Even though I dont play with fire, I love this innovative display of Flames dancing. We've seen speakers that make light dance and speakers that make water dance, so it's only natural that someone would come up with one that, eh em, lights a fire under the feet of fire. The Sound Torch is a Bluetooth speaker that creates a firery display. Its small and in my opinion an accident waiting to happen.

But to each their own. Many pyromaniacs are waiting for this little gizmo to be available.

Do I really want that?

If money was not an issue would you buy something like these?

Comment below and tell me your favorite.

© 2015 Anan Celeste


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    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 2 years ago from California

      I know. Yup.

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 2 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Some goofy stuff, for sure. I'm sure the gadget geeks would go nuts for these. I agree with Jay, but have to admit I kind of like the special-effects pool table. But--I'm neither rich nor dumb, so it would not be an actual purchase I'd make. But it might be fun to go to that casino and play on it just once.

    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 2 years ago from California

      That's my point Jay. LOL!

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 2 years ago from Houston, TX USA

      Well written, but these are toys for the rich and dumb.