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Network Marketing

Updated on July 30, 2015

Working from home with no help from Lizzie!

Learning Network Marketing has become all consuming for me, and it was while I was thoroughly engrossed with it one day, that I suddenly discovered I had a very unusual and uninvited guest, and this is where I have to digress.

They are friendly, gentle and have the most beautiful sky blue tongues. Some say they're easy to catch but not when they're in your house!

They like humans, especially little ones, even come out of their houses when they hear children's voices.

There is also a saying that lucky are those who have one living in their garden and we've had one for many years.

They eat up all the insects and snails, who would otherwise eat up all your herbs, tomato plants, any vegetables coming their way, not to mention any prize blooms you've nursed through the drought with grey water, I hasten to add, so the water authorities won't come down on me with a two thousand dollar fine, I exaggerate a little bit, but lizards do have a place in your GARDEN, not in your house, for all Lizzies listening out there!

Where was I, oh yes Internet Marketing.

So to continue, Click here for more.

Lizzie sunning herself in our garden


Lizzie disrupts my study

Attraction Marketing

At the beginning of January I was recapping yet again, Attraction Marketing from Marketing Merge, when I suddenly caught sight of a lizard slithering behind the back of my cubed bookcase.Startled, I jumped up and left the room so that I could keep her in one place.Well, I needn't have worried, Lizzie wasn't going anywhere, and when my husband came home that evening we were at a loss to know what to do about her, so we blocked up all doors( not to have any more little puddles,) all over the house.

Next morning, there was Lizzie peeping at us from under the bookcase, with more pools on the floor and a bad smell. But she did look cute!!

I was getting frustrated as I couldn't use my computer, and the smell was becoming quite pungent. I rang our local Rangers hoping they'd come and coax her outside but as Lizzie is not a snake they couldn't help, but advised me at length, about what little tidbits of food I might provide along with something resembling a birdbath, to keep her going while she decided what to do with herself it seemed to me. Make it a five star hotel!!!

My fearless Friend

I rang my fearless friend who knows everything about animals and little creatures,and loves to be of service to mankind including animals.Elaine came round armed with a huge plastic container announcing "leave this to me, you can't handle it alone, this is a job for the lizard catcher". We got down on all fours but the cute Lizzie was not to be seen. The plan was that hunger would eventually force her out so we had two small grapes waiting to entice her. Elaine would then "plonk" the container over her, but Lizzie was still not coming out of her hiding place.

Just when it seemed hopeless, I saw her tail protruding from under the lid of my basket of Christmas wrapping paper, so with one fell swoop, Elaine scooped poor Lizzie up who was now sandwiched between crepe paper and ribbons, into the container,and out of the back door to safety, under my Wisteria bush. We watched her slowly, and we hoped, happily make her way back to her own little cocoon.

Soon, I know I'll see her out sunning herself again.

Going over Renegade University again and again, before I attempted to embark on my next project which is The Renegade Professional, is where I was at before I was rudely interrupted two days previously.

The moral of this story is, that I took courage from my Lucky Lizzie and signed up, and that is where I'm at now, slowly ( just like Lizzie ) going throughll the tutorials.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.

— Robert Collier

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