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Black Wireless

Updated on March 10, 2013

New phone service

Many of us have used phone service through all of the leading cell phone providers. Most of those providers require a contract of at least two years so we feel as though we are trapped in a place where we don't want to be after a while, paying more for service than we should. I had cancelled my service through AT&T before the contract was up and decided to switch to a pre-paid plan. I couldn't use my iPhone through this service so I went on the lookout for providers I could use.

I used the internet and found an article stating that Straight Talk would provide you with a sim card for your iPhone or some other compatible phone but yet after reading the article I found that using their service with an iPhone can actually be illegal considering there is some fine print. Also with their $45 plan, you actually don't get unlimited web use.

I found out that Black Wireless, a new company that will provide you with a sim card to use in your phone and even gives you international calling, $5 a month free with their $40 plan is actually a better deal. Also, there is no extra charge for the sim card, you just pay the amount of your plan and they ship you your card by priority mail. It takes two days to receive it. Here is the link You can also get $5 if you refer someone so in a way it's kinda like making money while doing something awesome for someone else.

I have had this service for almost a month now and couldn't be happier. In order to use it with your iPhone, you will have to jail break your phone, which is legal to do. I paid $30 for a program to do that after looking countless times and spending countless hours trying to find a free one that worked. Here is the link to the program I used So if you have an iPhone laying around that you can't use because you switched providers, I urge you to give this company a try.


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    • slightlyjaded profile image

      slightlyjaded 4 years ago from Arkansas


      I'm sorry you are having such a bad experience with them. I don't do international calling so that hasn't been an issue with me. I hope you get it all straightened out with them.

    • profile image

      Al 4 years ago

      I bought a sim card two Saturdays ago. I only got it on the following Friday, pretty slow shipping.

      Activation was painless, it worked fine. I have not tried data yet. I was excited about the international calling. But they are a lot more expensive than what they claim. For example, they said I have 19 minutes to call cell phones in Argentina, well, I dialed a cell phone number and I got a message saying I only had credit to talk for 5 minutes! So, I hung up, didn't make the call since it was four times more expensive than what they claim. Same when I call to landlines, I was supposed to have like 10 hours, the first time I call it said I had like 6 hours left, I talked for about 4 minutes. The next day I make another call to Argentina and it said I had about 4 and a half hours, and this call was about 6 minutes. Next I make another call and I get the message that I have 3 and a half hours to talk. So for each call they are charging me like a whole hour! It is definitely not what they are advertising. If there is a connection charge, they don't state it anywhere I could find it.

      I sent a support e-mail two days ago and have yet to hear back.

      So, I would not recommend this service to anybody, the prices they give are not the prices they charge.