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Blackberry Bold 9700 review

Updated on November 29, 2009

Blackberry Bold 9700

The Blackberry Bold 9700 is the new smart phone from RIM,for many years now Blackberry have been known only as the phone to get if your in business and need access to your emails 24-7,well not any longer RIM have started to produce some phones to rival the iPhone and this is one of them,The first blackberry bold was nice and did what you wanted but unfortunately was absolutely huge,it was in short a monster,the size of the iPhone but with a smaller screen.Well the new bold 9700 has a smaller body for sure,it is similar in size to the curve and has a much more realistic chrome surround and a fantastic screen as did the previous model.What follows is a brief look at the phone and its functions so you can see why this phone is one of the best smart phones on the market.

Blackberry bold 9700

The screen

The first thing that strikes you when you turn on the Blackberry bold 9700 is the bright and vivid screen,it is a 480x360 pixel tft lcd screen that supports over 65000 colours and has a display size of 2.44 inches which although not as big as the iPhone or many other smart phones but is one of the best screens available.

Size and Dimensions

Height: 4.29 inches (109 mm)

Width: 2.36 inches (60mm)

Depth: 0.56 inches (14.1mm)

Weight:with battery 122 grams

Trackpad and Navigation

The mouse ball on the old phones has been replaced with a very quick and responsive track pad which having been using it for some time now does not give any issues,it is lightning fast and much improved.The navigation comes by way of the track pad and a function button which opens up a menu that most blackberry users will be used to and serves to be very easy to flick through the various options,Although daunting at first with the wide variety of different options available you can get to whatever you need within seconds.


The 3G that is available with this phone is top notch and super fast compared to the old blackberry curve which for some strange reason didnt have 3G.You also have wifi available which means if the connection speed is slow and you are near a wireless network then you can hook up to that to speed the whole process up. 

Blackberry Bold 9700


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