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Blackberry 8300 Accessories - Buy Curve Accessories Online

Updated on October 6, 2009

Your Must Have Accessories

 Are you looking for some "must have" accessories for your new Blackberry 8300 series cell phone?  The accessories listed below will definitely help make your use of your new 8300 cell phone an enjoyable experience.  These 8300 accessories, including a basic car charger, holster and extended battery, will help to keep your Blackberry fully charged, fully proteced and help to insure you have the power to use your cell phone when you need it.

During use of our cell phone, you will undoubtedly find the need to plug in and get even a partial charge while driving.  You may also find that the cover which came as a standard option with your phone lacks the versatility of a cell holster.  If you're a heavy user of certain services like a data plan where you access the internet or use your phone to access weather, online radio like through a service like Pandora or Slacker Radio, then having an extended battery will help you to avoid having to recharge your phone every night.

Take a look at the accessories reviewed below.  I believe that they will enhance your ownership experience.  If you agree or disagree, please add a comment below.

Blackbery Car Charger

Never find yourself without the ability to get a quick charge for your phone while you are in the car. Having a car charger with you in the car is the surest way to NEVER find yourself on an important call with a dying battery. The 8300 car charging bundle below is a great option. It provides you with not only a blackberry car charger, but includes a folding travel charger, as well as an extra sync cable that you can take along with you while traveling. It's great to have the extra sync cable so that you have one at the office and one at home.

Nothing is quite as frustrating as wanting or needing to recharge that phone via the USB synch cable while at the office, or to recharge your phone while on the road (either in the car or at the hotel) and not having the needed equipment.

If the bundle option isn't for you there is also a separate blackberry car charger option listed here as well.

8300 Holster Cases

One thing that you will definitely want for your new Blackberry 8300 series phone is a holster case of some type to provide protection as well as versatility in carrying your phone. While some may not need a holster type of cover, I find that the holster case provides additional flexibility in carrying the phone. The slip cover type of protection is great if you carry your phone in a pocket, purse, briefcase etc. However,... having the clip to attach to a belt or to a pocket adds a certain level of stability to the place you put the phone.

There are a variety of qualities and grades of protective covers you can purchase. My first choice is the lambskin leather swivel holster. found below. The lambskin is soft yet durable and will provide a long life of protective service for your phone.

I've also provided a couple of lower priced options as alternatives for those that may want other choices.

8300 Extended Battery

 One of the key things I have heard and read about the Blackberry 8300 series phone is that the battery life isn't too great.  That's especially true if you use your phone extensively as I do through an unlimited data plan.  There are MANY applications that are available from GPS services to internet browsing to online radio services like Pandora or Slacker Radio that can tend to be a drain on your phone's battery.

Having an extended life battery can be highly beneficial as well if you travel and don't want to have to recharge your phone on a daily basis.  There were basically two options that I found when investigating exntended life batteries.  One is configured to fit in the standard space as the OEM battery.  The second option includes a replacement back cover because the battery takes up slightly more space than the OEM version.

Although the first option is advertised "to fit in your device's existing battery space", I did read a review of the battery that stated that that battery is "ever so slightly larger than the OEM battery".  The reviewer finished by saying "If you're a very persnickety type person, you are forwarned".

The second option actually advertises that it will hold up to 140% of the capacity of the OEM version.  This option comes with a replacement rear cover that accomodates the slightly enlarged battery.  The replacement cover has a soft touch to help you easily grip the phone during use.

Physical Accessories aren't enough!

 Continue to accessorize your phone with some free applications that will provide you even greater satisfaction and use of your new phone.  Check out my review of free blackberry applications now.

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    • dprice99 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Phoenix Arizona

      Thanks for the kind words!

    • loveofnight profile image


      9 years ago from Baltimore, Maryland

      you have some really good info in your hubs


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