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Blackberry Torch vs Samsung Captivate Galaxy S - 2 Great Smart Phones

Updated on January 11, 2011

Blackberry Torch vs. Samsung Captivate Galaxy S

There are two new big hitters in the touchscreen smart phone market. The RIM Blackberry Torch and the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S. Whilst being marketed at two very different audiences traditionally and both smart phones running different operating systems, Blackberry OS and Android, the Samsung Captivate and Blackberry Torch are both premium smart phones which do what most home computers can in a 3.2 and 4 inch screened phone.

Both have full WiFi and Bluetooth and everything you expect at this price range. Both set you back over $400, so lets see the benefits and features of these two superb smart phones in their own rights.

Blackberry Torch vs Samsung Captivate Galaxy S

Blackberry Torch exmaple video

So, the Blackberry Torch - Finally a good touchscreen Blackberry?

In short, yes! And more. The Blackberry Torch is one of the latest products from the stable of RIM Blackberry smartphones. This is shown in it superb design. After the love hate relationship Blackberry fans had with their first touchscreen, RIM are playing it safe and have included a full “Blackberry” keyboard. Great move. This gives you the best of both world. Like the less popular, but superb HTC Desire Z I think it is a feature more smartphones can do with, especially if like the Blackberry it is still thin. Try texting in a car on a bumpy road with a touchscreen phone! Built quality appears good, as you would expect from a smart phone of this price but the phone is too new for reliability tests.

Practically everything that one may desire in a mobile phone can be had on this phone. The camera is up to 5 megapixels and with its flash and autofocus, good quality images are easy to snap. Lack of HD video is a minor letdown on a phone of this price, but hardly a deal breaker for something seldom used. The flash allows the camera to be used in not-so-bright areas, and for a phone the quality is good throughout. Other functions like continuous auto-focus of the camera add to this quality. The video quality is good despite the lack of HD, remember 640x480 is near DVD quality, and it does an decent job of lighting changes if not the best on the market.

The onboard 4GB with a 4GB microSD memory card is a unique choice to be given with a phone. 8GB will never be filled by a lot of people so its a good choice. Plus 4GB onboard is enough for all your apps if you ever decided to purchase a bigger memory card so you do not need to worry about copying to the SD.

On paper the Blackberry Torch screen is a disappointment. Resolution wise it is low on paper, but in reality the screen is vivid and very sharp. It does everything you could ask. Whilst a higher resolution would be handy for web browsing, in terms of every day workings on the phone you will never miss it. Overall it is a superb phone, and appears to be the ultimate Blackberry so far. Even better than many fans favorites the Curve. A worthy upgrade.

Samsung Captivate Example Video

And the Samsung Captivate?

Another mobile phone that has taken the world by storm and is strongly demanding for attention is the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S. The design of this phone is something that will keep one really captivated. Featuring a 1GHz Hummingbird processor it runs Android incredibly smoothly. At time of writing the phone still comes with Android 2.1 but 2.2 is available as an easy upgrade. The Captivate Galaxy S has a trump card on its hand, its thin. Seriously thin. In fact it is currently the thinnest Android phone on the market at only 9.9mm “thick”. The phone itself does look and feel quality, however the Blackberry looks “smarter” in my opinion.

As you would expect like the Blackberry Torch, the Samsung Captivate can also be used to listen to music, watch video and take pictures. The Samsung however has an advantage over the Blackberry Torch phone in terms of memory space, and video quality. While the Blackberry Torch phone has “only” 8GB of memory space, the Samsung Captivate is able to boast of up to 16GB of memory space onboard. With this large memory space, it becomes possible to download as many Android apps as you desire . However you probably won't be filling that memory with pictures. In the daylight it is fine, but no flash means no low light images. With a $400 phone in this day and age this is frankly embarrassing. Especially considering the camera can do 720p HD. And when compared to the all singing and dancing 12mp flash camera with HD on the Nokia N8 the issue is more apparent. However that 16GB of memory will get well used with Android marketplace which is getting better all the time, so you have lots of choice on apps. The weight of the phone could also be classed as another feature. It is so light to extent that one will never feel any extra weight while the phone is being carried about.

So to conclude the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S is a great phone, but not perfect. That 4 inch screen is superb, and the phone does everything really well. Living with the Samsung is a smooth, beautiful experience. It is just a shame it lacks basics like the camera. Also like most large touchscreen smart phones, the battery is not great. It not bad either, but expect to be charging most days after decent usage.

Summary of these two smart phones

Overall both of these smart phones offer a lot. Android is a superb operating system nowadays, and offers apps for any situation thanks to the Android marketplace. The Samsung makes the most of this great system, however the phone lacks a few basics. But if you own a decent camera or do not care for taking snaps then you can overlook some of this. The Blackberry Torch is how RIM should of done a touchscreen phone in the first place. It is a great looking and very functional phone, which does a good job in making it more accessible to non-business users without alienating the fans that love it for just that. By buying either of these phones you cannot go wrong in having a premium touchscreen smart phone that you will love. Even at these prices they offer value and a quality well made product.

What do you think of the Blackberry Torch and Samsung Captivate? Do you want / own one?

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      daniel steve 

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      I think this is my first comment for this hub its really nice man keep it up have become your follower


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