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Blackberry or iPhone: An Objective Review

Updated on December 17, 2011

Who Am I

I'm just an average business person who needs and uses a smart phone. I have now had a Palm, Moto Q, Blackberry, and iPhone. In this HUB I would like to give you my opinion on the Blackberry and the iPhone and hopefully help you make a more educated decision about which you should get.

I have just recently switched from the Blackberry to the iPhone. It was actually a difficult decision for me because I loved my Blackberry, which I had for a couple of years. I found it very useful. However, about six months ago I bought a iPad and I have found it to be very useful also and thought that having an iPhone would compliment my iPad usage. So let me dive into my opinion about both of these cool units.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

My lifestyle has me on the go a lot. I travel frequently, I trade stocks actively, I need to receive emails on a handheld, and a user friendly calendar is a must. In addition, I have to keep my phone on all night as my position requires me to be accessible 24/7.

Let me also say that I do NOT play games or watch movies on my handheld. So if this is important to you it will not be covered here.

Being connected is very important in my lifestyle. From a text and email standpoint I have enjoyed the Blackberry functionality more than the iPhone. Sending and receiving texts are about the same on both units. However, the forwarding capabilities are much easier on the Blackberry. The iPhone utilizes a copy and paste feature where the Blackberry you can take any text within a conversation and simply forward it to whomever you want. So while this is not a huge issue I do prefer the Blackberry.

From an email standpoint the Blackberry push system is what I consider second to none. When an email is sent to you it is immediately on your Blackberry. This is a feature that I miss on the iPhone. I have also found it easier to type on the Blackberry. I have big fingers and it is just easier to use the keyboard over touchscreen.

Apps, apps, apps! One big iPhone advantage is the apps. I like them MUCH better then the programs that can be downloaded on the Blackberry. While I had my Blackberry I could never find a program that I liked to follow my stock trading. On the other side I have found several apps that work great. My broker even has an iPhone app that works great. The other thing is that it is much easier to find programs and navigate around the screen.

Calendars - it's easy to keep track of things. I think both are equally fine. I think that I found the Blackberry was a little better, but I don't know why. I really can't make a logical argument for either.

One big annoyance that I have with the iPhone is the sounds. The Blackberry had a great feature called "Phone Calls Only." I have to leave my phone on all night, but I don't want to hear the sounds of emails or texts coming in. It appears that the only thing I can do with the iPhone is silence it or not silence it. All or nothing!

So, what's my overall opinion? I like them both. Each has their own advantage and disadvantage, but overall they both have worked for me.


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    • profile image

      Steve_Qc 5 years ago

      Very good review! I own a blackberry bold since 2 years now and never been very pleased with the capability of the phone (beware because pearl and curve are mostly phone made to say: "I own a blackberry") On the other side iPhone got a lot of apps. But when you need a phone to work! Is it really important?

      Today reality bring us to create needs. Only keep in mind to get what you need of a phone.

    • profile image

      Reena J 6 years ago

      I love Blackberry and always vote for it until, i get attracted with any other competing with all of its features...