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Blackberry vs. Droid vs. iPhone

Updated on January 4, 2013

With so many great new phones on the market, it is challenging at times to figure out which one to buy. As a long time Blackberry owner myself, I will admit that it took me a while to warm up to the newcomers. I was very comfortable with what I was using and didn't really even take the time to learn about the Droid or the iPhone.

That started to change when I bought my first iPod Touch (essentially an iPhone without the service contract) to use at the gym. What I originally thought would be a workout device quickly caught my attention as I started to realize the power of the device. What started out as downloading a few fitness related applications quickly grew into a new obsession with addicting games, schedule management apps, and high quality video content.

I started to wonder if perhaps I was missing out on something that my handy Blackberry couldn't deliver. I have now reached a point where I have owned and used each device. Hopefully my experience will be beneficial to those of you who are still deciding which Smart phone should earn your business.

Blackberry Phones

I have owned several Blackberry phones including the Curve, the World, and the Bold. The biggest thing that kept me loyal to Blackberry for such a long time was the reliable carrier service. I had a contract through Verizon and in over 4 years, never experienced a single dropped call. I was able to send text messages from remote trails and mountain tops (literally) and the network coverage was outstanding.

Another area that offered some comfort was the great battery life. There were times when I accidentally forgot to bring my charger for a 2 day weekend trip out-of-state and my phone was able to survive the entire trip without going dead on me; that was impressive! In addition to the reliable service and strong battery life, I was always a fan of having a real keyboard for quick dialing and text messaging. Call me a traditionalist but I still like to use a physical keyboard, especially when I need to send a message quickly.

Even with all the pluses, my Blackberry devices did leave me wanting more in certain areas. Web browsing was slow and the lack of a fully functional web browser was maddening at times when all I wanted was a quick sports score or news update. The lack of available applications also meant that the possibilities for expanding functionality were fairly limited. I was able to carry out basic work-related productivity tasks like checking email, making calls, and responding to text messages but functionality beyond that required a laptop in most cases.

The Droid and Other Android Phones

I got excited when I found out that I could get a Droid on my existing Verizon network and jumped at the opportunity to try a phone with expanded capabilities. I have to admit that the first couple of days were a bit frustrating as I had to learn a new system and get used to texting with a touch screen.

After the adjustment period, I found that I was actually more productive and could send text messages even faster as I learned to take advantage of suggested spellings and prompting for frequently typed words. Once the basics started to flow a bit more naturally, I was able to start taking advantage of some of the extended features that really make Android phones stand out. I loved the extensive library of downloadable apps (many of which are free) that covered everything from tools to help me manage my finances to GPS navigation, up to the minute news, and weather updates.

My favorite feature is the web browser which allows you to select between a mobile version and traditional view with the ability to support JavaScript and pages requiring a login. Having the ability to view web pages with full css support is really a blessing after several years of looking at skewed web pages on a mobile phone. This has opened up a whole new world of information gathering which to me makes the phone worth having just for that alone. If having access to personal media such as photos, an audio library, and video content is your thing; chances are you will really like the Droid as it allows you to carry everything in one device instead of having a phone, MP3 player, and laptop all jammed into a bag.

The three models getting the most attention are the Droid RAZR MAXX 4G, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the DROID 4. The biggest drawback for me so far has been the battery life. All of those powerful features do drain a charge in a hurry so it is important to charge your phone nightly and buy a car charger for it as well. To me though, that certainly wouldn't drive me away from using it. Once you get used to all the features, it is very difficult to convince yourself that you don't really need them. I just can't find enough positive things to say about it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great smartphone!

The iPhone

I bought my iPhone shortly after an iPod Touch which I quickly fell in love with. I couldn't get enough of the app store and was constantly adding new games, productivity applications, and whatever else looked like it would be fun. I thought it would be wonderful if I could combine all of my media, apps, movies, and games with my phone so I decided to give it a shot. The phone was very easy to learn how to use and the touch screen technology was second to none. While other phones do have touch screen capabilities as well, Apple seems to have figured out how to keep their screens super responsive and calibrated to near perfection.

The other area where they stand out is in size. The slender phone fits easily in a pocket or purse without taking up much room at all. I know I've touched on this before but battery life is pretty important to me and the iPhone performs well in that category, especially when you consider how much it does.

Just when I started to think that I had found the perfect phone for me, I started to dread being tied to an AT&T network started to set in. The 3G coverage was spotty at best making it almost useless in areas lacking coverage. The dropped calls were also frequent and annoying to the point where I eventually ended up going back to the Droid. I am still looking forward to testing out the newest version of the iPhone 4G which is already a top seller heading into the holiday season this year.

My Decision

Now that Apple offers Verizon service, look out! They have an amazing device along with one of the best network providers in the business. I have found a nice comfort zone by using a Droid as my primary phone and having my iPod Touch on the side for added fun. In the end, a great, full-featured phone combined with a consistent and reliable carrier made the Droid Incredible my phone of choice.

Ultimately, the choice of which smartphone to buy will depend on what’s important to you and what kinds of tasks you rely on most. If simplicity is your thing and you need a business workhorse, a Blackberry phone is probably a good choice. For those of you who are in need of full web connectivity and rendering along with access to extensive applications, the Droid is probably one you should seriously consider. Last but not least, the iPhone is still an amazing device and is well suited for people who want to stay connected to media such as music, video, and pictures. As long as you can tolerate a carrier with less than perfect service, the phone itself is great! While there is no clear-cut winner that will be perfect for everyone, one thing is certain; technology keeps getting better and better and all three of these options will give you faster access to data than ever before.

Blackberry vs. Droid vs. iPhone Video Review


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    • profile image

      carla 7 years ago

      Thanks for the research. Very useful. Love the BB but are beginning to hate the little ball and the battery life is not very good. Am looking into a Droid. Thanks again.

    • profile image

      Takeittopieces 7 years ago

      I respect this article because it is so far the only unbiased one Ive seen good work.

    • profile image

      chele 7 years ago

      I am in the warm up phase with the HTC incredible and miss my blackberry and physical keyboard. I'm having a hard time with basic features like copy and paste and selecting text and wondering if all the bells and whistles are worth it. Thinking about returning this and getting the new blackberry. I will miss the camera though. Seems I spend too much time on this thing trying to figure out how to use it.

    • profile image

      luvmy7fuzzies 7 years ago

      I love the Droid 2 because I NEED my qwerty keyboard. I haven't gotten it yet, since I had to wait a little longer to be able to upgrade. I was a little confused by all the cool phones there are, so this really really helped me know that Droid 2 is going to be right for me! Thanks for sharing.

    • jstankevicz profile image

      jstankevicz 7 years ago from Cave Creek

      Just bought a Droid X, and still in the warm up phase. Followed your path somewhat, as I am a committed Verizon customer (coverage! coverage! coverage!). Droid and Google OS seemed like the best tool (my wife says toy)...

    • echols01 profile image

      echols01 7 years ago

      I have a blackberry and its hard to compare to a phone that you dont have like the iphone i never hear any complains.

      This new blackberry is a must have , the playbook iphone watch out .

    • theelhub profile image

      theelhub 7 years ago from UK

      BB best for business. Android is the best for everyday usage. I can't recommend iPhone anymore. The phone is poor bar the screen resolution (camera is horrifically bad for a phone of that price). Previously iPhone OS was the best but since 2.1 Android is better now and you can get cheaper phones too opening it up to a larger market that will only get bigger. Android market is easily comparable to iStore now also.

      Other phone / OS to note is the Nokia N8 which is arguably the best phone on the market right now. Symbian is a good solid OS too.

      Its all opinion of course. Statistically the iPhone4 is a massively overpriced phone though. If it werent for that great screen its pretty embrassing.

    • AutumnLockwood profile image

      AutumnLockwood 7 years ago from Northern California

      I wouldn't trade my BB for anything. Messaging system is incomparable. Great buy!

    • profile image

      Babu 7 years ago

      Does anyone have experience with signal and usage while in China or India?

    • AceBandit profile image

      AceBandit 7 years ago

      I love my jailbroken iPhone. I would add that it needs more battery life for one and AT&T plans can get crazy for over usage. There service could be much better than it is now but when you are jailbroken your iPhone can be unlocked for other service providers. Before I had an iPhone it was hard to choose at first so I went with Apple. I had a friend who had a droid, he did not like it, so he got a HTC and he hates it too so that's why I got an iPhone. The main thing is that everything has a positive and negative sides to it.

    • profile image

      HuoXingC 7 years ago

      I was trying to gather more information between the 3 of these phones, and this article was very informative and helped me out quite a bit. Thank you very much! I think I'm going to get an iPhone 4 since I have AT&T.

    • Jezzzz profile image

      Jezzzz 7 years ago

      If I had to pick between the droid and the iphone I think I would pick the Droid. I just like all the features.

    • bizchickblogs profile image

      T Peterson 7 years ago from Tucson

      I like your review! I'm a BlackBerry loyalist, and totally agree with what you say about it being for simplicity and work.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      Thanks for taking the time to research and write about the comparisons among these 3 smart phones. Appreciated.

    • dawnM profile image

      Dawn Michael 7 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

      great article, i was going to get a droid but ended up getting a blackberry. the curve, but now that I read your article I am wondering if I made a mistake, great article and very informative.

    • ultimatepotential profile image

      ultimatepotential 7 years ago from India

      This was really interesting. I wasnt aware of many points that you mentioned here!