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Blackbox M16 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Updated on August 21, 2016

Blackbox M16 Headphones Review

It's great sometimes to be able to escape from the noise and hub-bub of the modern world by donning a set of headphones and settling down to listen to some of your favourite music tracks. It might be in the local park during your lunch break, or whilst you are making those boring bus or train journeys to and from work, or even while you are sat on the back porch on a summer evening watching the sun go down.

All too often these moments of personal quality time can be ruined by extraneous noise invading your privacy. It might be the sound of a pneumatic drill thundering out from a nearby building site, or your next-door neighbour mowing his lawn, or the person sat next to you on the tube who has his own personal audio device thumping out some kind of heavy beat on maximum volume.

The answer to this problem lies in modern high-specification noise cancelling headphones such as the Blackbox M16 which use state-of-the-art ANR technology from Phitek Systems to virtually cancel out unwanted background noise.

The Ultra-Comfortable M16 Headphones

Black Box M16 Noise Cancelling Headphones
Black Box M16 Noise Cancelling Headphones

What is ANR Technology ?

ANR stands for Active Noise Reduction and it works by coupling a sound wave with it's exact mirror image, thereby effectively cancelling the noise.

The Blackbox M16 Premium Level Noise Cancelling Headphone has a tiny microphone that picks up noises coming into the ear cup from outside. The system takes that information and uses it to create electronically a sound wave that has an identical amplitude, but an opposite phase, to the one coming into the ear. This new sound wave is then output through a speaker also located inside the ear cup. When the two sound waves meet, they effectively cancel each other out - and we are left with a residual soundwave that is so faint that it is virtually inaudible to human ears.

The manufacturers tell us that the ANR technology used in the M16 Headphones manages to block out a staggering 92% of unwanted background noise, and that a single AAA battery provides more than 50 hours of active noise cancellation.

As you might expect, the Blackbox M16 Headphones have also been engineered to provide a personal listening experience of the highest quality - its electronically enhanced drivers delivering a precise sound reproduction with clear vocals, deep base and natural highs. And the icing on the cake is that the M16 Headphones come with full-sized cups and ultra-soft leatherette ear pads to provide the ultimate in long wear comfort.

It seems that the Blackbox M16 Headphones have a lot to offer those of us who are keen to make the most of those precious moments of personal quality time.


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      janesmooch 7 years ago

      seriously loved your hub and it has presented a few good ideas with just what to do with my website


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