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How to Get to Blocked Sites from your iPod/iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows/and other smartphones/Devices

Updated on August 12, 2012


While this guide was created for apple products. The methods described arent exclusive to apple smartphones. Most if not all of the methods described should work with any smartphone. The vpn and proxy settings should be in the wireless or network settings section of your phones settings page. This should be the same for almost any smartphone.


Since I last wrote this article I actually found two more VPNs. Obviously this is my preferred method,because in my experience they work the best. So the more choices the better. Also a tip don't tell your friends about this, because words spread fast and you might find your options being cut in no time.


So you just got a new a Smart Device or you've had one for a while, but now your feeling the blues because you can't access your favorite websites from school or work. There are many ways to access blocked websites from your device. Today I will go over 4 ways I have used personally to access blocked websites from my Smart Devices. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages I will go over each.

Web Proxies

This is the method I am sure most people are using. Finding a web proxy is easy. All you do is go to Google and search for proxy. While they are convenient and easy to use, just enter website into URL, they are constantly blocked. So even getting to one will be hard. Also if you can get access to a proxy sometimes if your school or work knows what their doing. They can still block access to websites they really don't want you getting on to. Also applications can't be used as you can only access web proxies from your web browser app. Or other apps that use the web browser. If you can access one and it works, and all you want to do is access blocked websites. At all means use this method, otherwise look at some of these ways.

Opera Browser

If you didn't know opera uses it own proxy to route all the traffic in their devices. They route all your traffic through their own proxy and they lower file sizes so your internet speed is increased. Not only is your internet speed increased you are also able to access some blocked sites. In my experience I think this is better than then web proxies, and it's a little faster. Though like the web proxies it only works for browser traffic and not traffic from other applications. Also YouTube doesn't seem to work with the opera browse,at least from my experience. Lastly opera has some weird formating of websites at times. Some users might be able to get past this, but I find it to be weird. An advantage of opera over web proxies is you don't have to search for one that is unblocked. As long as your school hasn't blocked the opera proxy. Just install the app to your device and you're good to go.

IP Port proxies

Ip port proxies will allow you filter all your traffic on your device through a proxy. One of the best ways to find one is to go to, and go to the list of ip port proxies. They have hundreds. The http or https ones should work, In my experience the https ones do a better job of unblocking websites. Just go to the connection your on. Click on the blue arrow and go to manual set proxy. Insert the numbers you saw in hidemyass in their corresponding places. Obviously an advantage of this is all your traffic is filtered so you can access blocked applications like YouTube and Facebook, and you can download new applications if your school has blocked that like mine. The disadvantage is if your school has you accepting a certificate. You have to turn of the proxy,and then turn back on later. This can be annoying at times

Setting up ip:port proxy:

Apple Devices

Android Devices


So your school has blocked every ip port proxy, and you want to access the YouTube app or Facebook app. This is the best method in my opinion to do this. especially if your school has blocked proxy from working. I haven't had that much luck in finding these, especially ones that are free but I will go over 3 that I have found.

HotSpot shield I won't go over this one too much. If you can get this to work, good for you, but for the life of me can't get this to ever work. Just search for Hotspot shield and you'll find guides. Setting it up is pretty easy, but signing in never works


This is the method that I use. It's the only one that I have gotten to work, and at my school it is the method that works the best.

Setting it up is pretty simple. Just go to the itshidden website. Make an account remember and don't forget your credentials. Go to your iPod or iPhone click on network. Go down and there is something that says vpn not configured click this. FIrst make sure your on the pptp tab at the top. Now just enter into server. Give it any name you want does not matter. For account and password use the ones you used to make the account. Makes sure to turn of RSA security. Filter all your traffic through the vpn, Now save the information and connect to the vpn. If you did everything right a blue vpn sign should show up.

Some advantages of advantages of this method are all your traffic is filtered through the vpn, and it is very hard to block. This means you be able to access YouTube and other applications you might not be able to access before. You don't have to enter your information over and over again like an ip port proxy, and you don't have to look for a new one, like a web proxy. You also get unlimited traffic which I think is great. you'll be hard press to find another free vpn that allows this.

Some disadvantages are it is slow at times. So my recommendation is to only turn this on when your trying to access blocked website. Otherwise it is not as useful and it will actually lead to a worse web experience. Also it kicks you off ever about 20 minutes or so. So this is another reason to only use this when your trying to access blocked websites.

This is a free VPN, usually you have to pay for something like this. Their might be some good VPN that you have to pay for that work with Smart Devices, but I just haven't tried them yet.


I forgot to mention that itshidden has a paid service too, so if you want faster speeds without getting kick off every 20 minutes. You should defiantly consider this service. It is 12.99 for one month. 24.99 for 3 months. Last it 44.99 for 6 months. This plan also comes with customer support.


This is the second VPN I found, and is a good alternative to Itshidden. The bad news is that it's no longer free for ipod. Which means if you want to use it, you'll have to fork over money. The good part of this is that, most people are gringy and won't be willing to pay the price, so you'll have less people on the vpn, which will equate to faster speeds. Pricing is about 45 dollars annually and 5 dollars monthly.

Setup for this will be pretty much exactly the same as itshidden, the only difference being you'll need a premium account, also you might need to request for a pptp certificate which is the protocol ipods use for VPNs, other then that the steps will be the same.

Obviously you'll be able to use this vpn to access anything you want from your ipod. Just like itshidden. Like I said before the benefits of a paid service are faster speeds because less people will be willing to pay, so keeping that in mind is important.


This is the last VPN that I found. For us freebies, this is a good alternative to itshidden. The reason being its is a free service that is compatible with many smart devices. In my experience VPNReactor is a little faster then ithidden, and it kicks you off after 30 minutes rather then 20. Both of those things are nice differences. The only bad thing is that every 30 days you have to confirm you still want to use the free VPN service.

Configuration is going to be the exact same as itshidden, expect you'll use the vpnreactor information instead of the itshidden info. The good thing about vpnreactor is that you don't have to ask for a certificate. And like Ithidden and proxpn you'll be able to use this to access anything that requires the internet.

There are 3 paid services unlike Itshidden's one. They come with some benefits making them worth the money. For example dedicated customer service, which again I find weird but at least it there. And multiple dedicated vpn servers. The Pro and Max services also come with European VPNs and have higher encryption. The only difference that Max, the top service adds,is stealthvpn this looks like it is supposed to further enhance how anonymous you are. I can't find any info on pricing but it looks like it is 90 dollars for 12 months, making this more expensive then even itshidden. This might be worth it because vpnreactor has features that itshidden does not have.


Apple Devices

Android Devices

Other info

One thing that should be considered is the fact that these are US VPN with the exception of vpnreactors prenium services. Which will affect what kind of sites your able to go on to. If your from another country you'll be able to access US only sites.

These services all come with multiple VPN server for premium members, which means you should never have to worry about slow speeds. Also they are very secure making it harder for you boss or school to track what you're doing.

Last I know this says iPod and iPhone everywhere, but these services will actually work on other devices too as long as they support pptp or L2TP, this includes Android and possible other mobile OS like windows 7. Also Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Lastly this should work with the any other iPod touch/iPhone like devices, like the Ipad.


Jailbreak your iPod touch or Iphone and get these applications your life will be a lot easier.

Insomnia-This will make it so your device does not turn off your wi-fi when the screen goes off.
This is good for when you at school or work at place with a certificate for accessing wi-fi. With this you don't have to keep clicking except when your screen turns off.

SBSettings- This will allow you to turn insomnia on and off, by just sliding your finger on the top, and clicking on the toggle. Also you can get a vpn toggle so you can toggle on and off your vpn so when itshidden kicks you off. Just slide the top and click on the vpn toggle. Also you can use it when you don't want to use a vpn anymore.

Using both of these applications your browser experience using VPNs and web proxies will be a lot better


I wrote this article a little while ago, and I'm sure a lot of things have changed in that time. Some of the VPNS I suggested might not work as well as they used to. I've decided instead of trying to look for more I will instead give suggestions on how to find some free ones.

Google- Not much explanation here. Just search free vpn and see what you find.

Torrentfreak- This blog focuses on bittorent, but they do have a lot of articles on security. This is how I found itshidden, which was created to protect bittorent users from getting caught downloading. -This blog is awesome it updated constantly with new vpns and proxies. This is probably your best source for find new free vpns. Just check out the blog and see what you can find. Alternatively you can you can just use search to find it.


These are the ways that I have found to access blocked websites from your iPod touch or Iphone. They're might be other ways but I just have not used them yet. Remember each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. So pick the one that works best for your situation. Happy surfing


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    • profile image

      linda 3 years ago

      I have tried many ways, free and paid ways to open blocked websites, I think vpn works better than others, this is what I can recommend,try the service before you pay for it!

      I ordered my account from the price is great. 1Months $3.3 , 3Months $7 and 12 Months $16

      It has free test account and you can try the service for free.

      It supports all protocols(PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN), And you don't have to buy different accounts for different devices(use 1 account to connect on your computer and your mobile at the same time)

    • profile image

      Cailey grace 4 years ago

      None of these are working for me ugh :( I want to get on facebook

    • profile image

      Deep 4 years ago

      Great article, but I more prefer VPN service over proxy websites. Now I use this VPN service: .I found it to be pretty reliable, easy to use and good downloading speed.

    • profile image

      Morgan230 4 years ago

      The best way to access blocked websites is using vpn service, There are many vpn providers, But If you are looking for a cheap and reliable service I think is your best shot.

      1Month only $3.3 , 3Months $7 , 12Months $16

      Saturn vpn has totally free test account, and you can test the service before you pay.

      It works on all devices.

    • profile image

      DinaOmar 5 years ago

      : Hi everyone

      I would like to share this program with you

      ~~I wasel~~

      After trying this software i think that i have to share it .

      I wasel allows you to open any blocked sites u can imagine.

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      It also unblock the Skype, Paltalk and everything.

      You can use it on your cellphone.

      I think you have to try it

      Go download it now

    • profile image

      Robert 5 years ago

      I use to access blocked sites on my iPhone.

    • profile image

      Taha mousavi 5 years ago

      I got nothin from iran and every god damn thing is lock over here.i realy need a me out guys.

    • Tobi Fanibi profile image

      Tobi Fanibi 5 years ago from Internet

      Johnnny I have no way of contacting you, so I just hope you see this some way

      In my experience I find that getting past blocked websites on a phone can be a hassle. If your willing to use a laptop or a desktop it will be much easier.

      There is two different software I used to get past the blocks at my school.

      One is ultrasurf- I love this program it has gotten a lot faster in newer version. I can hardly tell at times I'm on a proxy. It will let you get past almost any site. It also very resilient. I used it from the start of junior year all through senior year.

      Freegate- I think is made by the same people who made ultrasurf, if not they are close. Anyways it does the same thing basically. I think it is a little slower then ultra for whatever reason. Last time I checked it was china only,but maybe things have changed now.

      I know the link is in chinese, but this is where they put the newest version of freegate. The final download should be in english.

    • Tobi Fanibi profile image

      Tobi Fanibi 5 years ago from Internet

      I'm glad my article was helpful

    • profile image

      Drew 5 years ago

      I love you!! :D

      I am in hong kong and could not install veency on my itouch 4g no matter what I did.

      I used a vpn from vpnreactor and it worked like a charm!

      (I am also using touchpad elite on my ipad to control my ipod :P)

      Thank you!! :)


    • profile image

      sereno 5 years ago

      it was very useful.tnx

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      This post is really helpful, but I also recommend a really easy way to block websites: using StopDistractions. Check it out:

    • profile image

      Laura22 6 years ago

      This always works for me when I need to go on blocked sites

    • Tobi Fanibi profile image

      Tobi Fanibi 6 years ago from Internet

      Don't have an Ipad, but would think these methods would work for an ipad too.

    • profile image

      Kyle 6 years ago

      What about for the iPad

    • profile image

      Tanya 6 years ago

      I use this on my iPhone from China:

      They have a Mobile Plan that works on most devices including iPhone. Working great, but setup was a little hard for me.

    • profile image

      Johnnny 6 years ago

      Hey my uni just blocked all sites u were talking about. I cant found a way to enter those sites. Plz help

    • profile image

      Ann 6 years ago

      I use vpn account ( ) to bypass web filters and access blocked sites and it works good.

    • profile image

      Praveen kumar maduri 6 years ago

      hey u r life saver dude.........

      i tried a lot in net haven't found any....

      but this info helps.....thx

    • profile image

      Praveen kumar maduri 6 years ago

      hey u r life saver dude.........

      i tried a lot in net haven't found any....

      but this info helps.....thx

    • profile image

      The Grouch 6 years ago

      Thanx for the info. very useful


    • profile image

      Michael M 7 years ago

      Use this free proxy website to unlock Facebook, Orkut, YouTube, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo etc or any blocked website from work and school.

      No need to install any software.

      Its fast and easy to use.