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The Best Websites for Free Stock Images for Blogs

Updated on December 4, 2016

The Importance of Images

When it comes to writing content for your blog or website, quality should always be the number one goal. The content you write should leave readers craving more, and if your style is unique and has an identity, you’re on the right track. However, if you want your content to truly capture your reader’s attention, you need to make sure you deliver an entire package and experience. A critical component of ensuring your blog or website is successful comes down to image selection.

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is sometimes true in the world of blogging. To make your webpage more visually appealing (and also search engine friendly!) it is important to include high quality images. This Hub will go over some of the best methods and websites you can use to include high quality images in your blog postings.

Using Google Images

My other Hub “How to Create a Professional Facebook Page” has already gone over the method of using Google Images to find royalty free images, but the process is very simple! Simply go to Google Images, select search tools, and then under usage rights select labeled for reuse. This filter makes it so any search you make will only return images that are free for public use (so you can include these on your blog!)


Pixbay truly is my favorite image site for finding free high quality photos for blog use. The website has a great search function, and many useful filters to help you find the perfect image to add alongside your content. Many websites don't have search bars whatsoever (this is a surprise to me as well), so Pixbay is always a great option if you want to save time and avoid scrolling through image archives or folders.


Gratisography is full of high resolution, artistic images that are very useful if you’re looking for more creative images for your content and want to avoid the traditional stock photo appearance. Definitely bookmark this one!

Free Images

Freeimages has an extensive yet impressive archive of thousands of images that are free for public use. There are many categories of image types, including popular topics such as health, nature, animals, and cars! It doesn't really get more simple than looking through this website for the right image for your blog or website.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock, or nos, is another personal favorite of mine. NOS is essentially a collection of older photos that have been collected from government websites, archives, or estate sales. If antique photos are you thing, definitely check this website out. This website is also very useful for articles or blogs that have an interest in historical writing as the older style images will pair well with the content and help add an authentic feeling.

The Public Domain Archive

The Public Domain Archive is another superb free image website I use for my blog postings whenever I get a chance. The website doesn’t have a search function, though the “weekly image collection” is always worth taking a look at. I've found this website also has a very good selection of nature photos, so this may be more relevant to those nature/travel writers out there!

Additional Blogging Tips

Aside from using these great websites, I would also recommend starting an image folder on your computer where you can save images that are free for public use if you happen to stumble across them when browsing the web. You might not need a photo immediately, but beginning to build your own photo archive with free high resolution images is useful. You’ll thank yourself later when it comes time to add images to your blog content.

Also, don't be afraid to snap your own photos and upload them to the web! Even if your camera isn't incredibly high in quality, with the right lighting or photo editing tools most photos can become suitable additions to your next blog posting.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to share this Hub with someone you know who could use some tips of image selection!


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    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 18 months ago from India

      Pixabay is my favourite and almost 99%, I got my images from it. Thank you for the useful hub.

    • calvinaustins profile image

      Calvin 21 months ago from UK

      Very useful content.. keep sharing..