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Blog writing experience prart2

Updated on May 1, 2016

5 reasons why you should not write your Blog

Why not create a blog?
I really like blogging, I use it to chat with friends and meet new friends, more of this quite interesting, it gives many things of value both in the spirit and not just private material. As you also often find themselves also have to share with you the benefits of blogging, there are many more benefits that I can't share with you everything but his opinion, best it helps your ideas grow better, more meaningful life , live life more healthy, more new friends, be inspired everyone around interested in topics that you write.

There are many people who are successful in the field of blogging, there are those who earn thousands of dollars with just a Blog because they are experts in this field. Security itself London feel very happy to be one of the people who built and developed the blog quite successful in Vietnam.

When strolling around the Blog page of the friends, or is the Blog has over time developed themselves feel sorry, unfortunately because they no longer fire, unfortunately they have switched to a different direction. The article ladies and gradually increasing the content of bland and after some time then no longer posting the content anymore, they fail from then on, start a chat with a few Bloggers I saw few reasons they could not continue this way. So I'm sharing it to you to those who intend to create a blog just for these reasons here please remove immediately the intention there, by the reason that only brought failure.

Influenced by crowd psychology

Anyone in any profession would like to start building success with work that remember a first for that most important is you have to love the job and if you desire and love blogging, then absolutely it is not the exception, the great wall again the first step, always hard with plenty of difficult situations arise requiring you to solve, this is what people called the reject also the time you realize you have is really passionate people, like with blogging or not?

The crowd

You have the ability to write text, you can sit and write those articles up to a few thousand from but how do you think if you repeat it every day with a single theme, the answer was there who started only because of being affected or want spoiled as someone will quickly depressed by don't know what further information extraction to write human truth, appetite can they not know where to start but the passionate cause they seek to capture knowledge from various sources to write plans no stops.

Besides, if you choose to start blogging just because want to be like someone else, this is often seen in human psychology, derived from the jealousy and does not want to recognize the capacity of others, the psychology that makes your vision is restricted. So you can't permanently develop are thinking and blog that you generate absolutely no difference or refreshing, it's completely boring as your so human, that will lead you to fail quickly.

Blogging just to make money
In our society people employed according to the criteria of the first descendants of the third currency second exception Wednesday to new capacity, as currently it is difficult for you to find a job are earning quite, you unemployed you no money but you still have to eat daily should still drink and pay the cost of living that makes you become needy all mixed up. Amorous of you making money as fast as possible and you see a few of his friends high income from the blogging world as you embark on blogging to make money.

Make money blogging

This is ridiculous, it makes people understand that you are stupid and can't bear to learn before starting, all the bloggers at first by passion plus extensive learning, combined with the ability to use the language of harmony and proper strategy must also take months to bring new stable income in average.

Did you? You understand about blogs not much (the starters) you no passion or anything you just start with the desire to fill his empty bag, you make mistakes and then that because blogging is only appropriate when you consider there is increased job passive income and satisfied passion. Because in the first time the Blog will not bring you any earnings if you are a beginner.

Want to be famous
The famous Blogger Idol you like Jelly, Central Germany, The Ceiling ... you desire to become a Superstar in the field of blogging as they are most netizens are known, the reason that impels you to create a blog though unfortunately interest or love what this work. You should remember one thing no site is famous from the start, people only know to you when you gave away your value for readers.

Blogging is not like the other work can succeed only after a few days, as the work requires persistence in the long run, since the choice of blogging to build success you have loads of work to do from choosing the topic, building plans written and written content , SEP plans, choosing a domain name to find the appropriate logo with the advertising tactics should only aspire to want not famous enough motivation to overcome all of this work.

After reading these lines must be those who do not truly love gave up blogging but still want a quick famous then her for you in a way that makes you famous rapidly posted nude photographs that is always or ideological spokesman stunned what up Facebook Italy immediately you will "KY and get incredibly more Gift tile stone from crazed Fan-this is also a way to the stars.

To attract traffic
With the number of Internet users in crowded as today, attracting visitors is not hard but you should remember not to any visitor would also valuable, as the habit of the Vietnam Internet use showed a large parts completely passive in reading series reading the newspapers because in Vietnam there are many dead Blog and mixed content.

Increase traffic to Blog

Visitor quality really only when the user actively search for information of interest to the information on your page they stay longer time and reviews the reliability in the Blog page and return to it often. You desire and you can totally famous like the Blogger crowd or family even as Leo Babauta but if only sole reason to start writing blog is attracting visitors is not enough by it as well as a job without the love and the ability to only bring you the annoying and painful.

You should only embark building Blog when really passionate because only new enthusiasts can help you overcome difficult obstacles when starting blogging work.


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