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Blog Carnivals: Promotional Events

Updated on March 2, 2014

Get Your Blog Moving

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What is a Blog Carnival?

Blog carnivals are online magazines that host posts by different bloggers on the same general theme, but different slants. The host declares the subject of the carnival and its date. He asks for content at his blog, or contacts bloggers he knows that write about the subject of the carnival.

Bloggers create a blog post on that topic at their blog. The participants relay a link of their post to the host.

When the carnivals date arrives, the host writes and broadcasts a post with the permalinks of the chosen entries. Carnivals happen periodically. The arrangement might be weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

Structure of a Blog Carnival

The coordinator is either the owner, or editor-in-chief. Many blog carnivals change from one blogger to another per edition, thus, the name. Each host shares the work and publicizes the blog carnival.

The owner or organizer harmonizes the system by enlisting participants and forthcoming hosts, keeps up the home site, promotes, and resolves any disputes.

Carnival Host

The host for an edition picks the topic, requests and judges submissions, coordinates and presents, and touts that edition.

Driving Traffic

The carnivals contributors promote the carnival at their blogs before the event happens. The goal is to get traffic to the host site, so readers will click on links to articles they're interested in bringing them to the participants blogs. Bloggers that read an article might link to it too.

Readers and Themes

There are many topics for blog carnivals like employment law, parenting, education, assistant dogs, or a musical topic etcetera. The theme of a blog carnival host site attracts readers interested in that subject.

Blog Carnival Lists

Blog Carnival is a site that list different kinds of blog carnivals. A blogger can find a carnival related to his blog's topic.

Some carnivals let the blogger submit a post from their blog to that carnival using a permalink for that post. If the carnival owner likes the post and the blog, the post will be accepted to be published when that blogger publishes another carnival.

Bloggers can also start their own blog carnival, be the organizer, host carnivals, and let other bloggers host an edition on their blogs.


A blog carnival has an owner, and a host site. Each carnival has a theme and puts out calls to bloggers to participate. It is a way to gather good articles on a topic by different writers where readers can find them and enjoy reading them. For bloggers it is a means of getting more readers and links.

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