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Blog Niche Topics

Updated on February 26, 2014

Generate a List of Blog Topics

How to Find Niche Products

Do I Need a Blog Niche?

First, why choose a niche? Why not just blog about whatever interest you that day? Blogging about different topics on one blog doesn't attract loyal readers. If you had a blog and wrote about Indie music, motorcycles, and baking, some readers would be interested in one topic, maybe two, but probably not all three topics. The more topics you add, the more you dilute your readership. After awhile, you lose some of your readers.

Find a Blog Niche

Okay. That is settled. Now, what do you do to choose a niche blogging topic for your blog? Think of and write down things you are interested in. Then pick one for the topic of your niche blog. It will take time to gain a following for your blog, therefore, select a topic that you can see yourself writing about for a few months, then years to build more readership and forward into the future to sustain readership and make money.

Another reason to pick a blog topic you like is that your readers will discern if you aren't really interested. This will cause them to stop reading your posts. If your attitude is lackluster, they'll catch on quickly. Readers want to see passion in your writing.

The next factor to consider is if other people are intrigued by the topic. The Internet crowd runs in the millions, so even a small percentage of people interested in the topic can make it profitable. Make sure some people do searches for the blog topic you choose.

Also, ponder if the subject has a growing audience or the audience is dwindling. Look at the world around you and see what people are interesting in now on TV, radio, the Internet, newspapers, talk radio, what your friends are discussing etc. This could enable you to jump on the latest trend and ride its wave with a blog and make some money.

Finding Your Blog Niche Subtopic

Can you get into a niche on this popular topic that has a subtopic factor? This may be where more money can be made. It is the big fish in a small pond cliche, but it gives you room to maneuver without as much competition.

So a topic that isn't as popular, but interest some people could garner you more readers and cash. It is the age old idea of supply and demand. Spy out what the competition neglects. For instance, when cars that got better gas mileage were being neglected in the United States, other car makers moved in and serviced that market for huge profits.

Blog Content

Content is important to your blog. Ask yourself if there are plenty of resources for research on the topic you want to blog about. The Internet is full of resources to blog about different kinds of music, including a band's website, Wikipedia, CD Baby and others. The local library is a good source, if you want to write about music from a historical perspective. What resources are there for your chosen topic?


Income Streams

You may not want to make money with your blog. If so, you need to think about income streams. If you want to write about Baroque art or music, check to see if there are music affiliate programs that sell items that go with these subjects. The same goes for writing about poodles, Siamese cats or whatever.

Everyone has heard about Google Adsense, another place to sign up with and get ad revenue is Blogging Ads. Review sites like Reviewme are another source of revenue for blogs. Having several blogs helps to increase your income. That is as you consistently work to make each one interesting, gain and keep the audience, and then monetize and make profits.


Find your blog niche, look for a subtopic, and check for sufficient research resources to be able to write many posts.


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    • Deltachord profile image

      Deltachord 5 years ago from United States

      Thanks rajan jolly. I'm glad the article was useful.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Informative and useful hub. Thanks for sharing.