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BlogTV shows and BlogTV People

Updated on May 12, 2011

BlogTV People

This evening I wanted to dedicate an article to all the BlogTV people who brighten up my day and talk about the different personalities that can be found on BlogTV because I already talked about the features of the site but forgot to mention why it has become so popular.

I like to see live video from across the globe since on TV in the UK we only tend to see the commercial sitcoms from the US and not the average Joe and what I love about the guy in the wolf costume pictured above is that he is probably a working class person from New York judging from his accent and the backdrop of his apartment in the videos.

Live BlogTV

The username of the man in the wolf costume is in fact 'Bleis01' and he is fanatical about Wolves, this makes for a amusing and interesting theme surrounding his BlogTV show because in the background he has photos and drawings of different wolf breeds and a funny dancing with wolves banner on his profile.

One of the funniest times I was in his chatroom I saw a similar character co-hosting in the corner of his live video but it was a man in a skunk costume, I proceeded to ask who it was saying 'is that Pepe Le Pew?' and Bleis replied 'no! no! thats Skunkie, Pepe is his cousin!'

Ambbahh TV Blogs

One BlogTV personality that I visit on most days because she is always broadcasting is 'Ambbahh' and I also attend for light entertainment and because I think she is pretty. The trouble with Ambbahh is that she has this contagious laugh and I never get any work done when I am listening to her show so I try to delay it until after writing my blogs rather that multitasking.

She has always got a large crowd in her chatroom and they like to talk about recreational activities such as dating, listening to music and news in the UK, she also has a nice narrative style that includes reading out the funniest bits that people are typing in the chatroom parallel to her video.

Live Blogtv - Ambbahh

BlogTV Music

I have tried to cover the different forms of entertainment on BlogTV but I haven't mentioned music as of yet, well I can certainly say that I always look forward to hearing 'EmmySaurXD' play songs on her acoustic guitar.

This girl is only 16 and lives in Scotland, UK but has a tremendously talented singing voice and skills on the guitar, she writes her own songs but often does covers of popular chart songs like ' Bruno Mars - Grenade', 'Keyshia Cole - I should of cheated' and an old classic 'Bobby McFerrin - Don't worry be happy'.

Live Blogtv - EmmysaurxD


Blog TV Shows

If you are still in the mood for some Reggae music or just music in general there are plenty of BlogTV people who specifically have set up channels that offer 'Karaoke co-hosting', streaming playlists or even traditional TV shows such as the Simpsons if you want to watch your favourite shows.

I'd like to end this article on a cheery note and mention a cool radio station that I personally enjoyed and that is 'ReggaeDashBoard' hosted by 'DJ Dreadz24', although there are many genres available. My favourite moment was entering this chatroom and being greeted by 'Dreadz24' saying 'Just want to welcome 'RichieRichie Rich' in a Rastafarian accent!


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