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11 SEO Tips To Boost Up Blogger Blog

Updated on June 17, 2016
seo of blogger
seo of blogger

What is SEO

"SEO" can be define in many ways, Simply it is called search engine optimization. This is a method by which a search engine show results to its users. Better seo can give high rank in search results. It depend on many factors, including onpage seo, backlinks, keywords etc but in this posts i am going to share 10 tips for blogger blog to boost up blog in search rank. Later i shall post all about seo and its working methods.

If you are familiar with blogging then you may know about SEO but if you are just stepped in, you need to know about Search Engine Optimization simply called SEO before you proceed. This is a method that increase webmasters difficulties and realize that what is blogging in real words. Small business, specially those who use blogger platform feel more problem. If we compare Wordpress with Blogger then our choice will be wordpress because it is more effective as Search Engine Optimization and can much more traffic from search engines. Blogger is also a good platform but there are many problems also.

I do not want about Wordpress in this article, only blogger is main topic so let see what are positive and negative points.

Positive Points :

  1. Unlimited space.
  2. Free subdomain
  3. Very strong security because it is hosted on Google server that's why it is almost impossible to hack it.

Many sites are providing Beautiful and Responsive blogger Theme for free.

Negative points :

  1. Bad SEO.
  2. No access to root directory.
  3. All work is manually by HTML codes, no plugins like wordpress.

So above where some points. Now main negative point is Bad SEO that every one try to imporove. Following i am writing 10 points that are necessary for search engine optimization. Simply follow instructions :

Tip : Use Google Keywords Tool

Before proceeding to 10 points about seo, i will recommend you to check Google keywords tool and learn how it works. Search about "Google keywords tools" and login by using your Gmail account. You just need to put required information and it will give you results. Now select keywords that are low in competition but have good visitors search and use them in title, description and content of your website. This will help to to grow up fast. watch video to understand it properly.

google keywords tool in seo
google keywords tool in seo

1- Title Of Blog

Blog title represent what you are providing. Use main words that represent your blog best and density will be 60 characters maximum. Google keywords will help you to find words that will gain more traffic so do not forget to use it.

2- Description

As we are talking about blogger. Login you blog >> go to setting >> search preferences.Here you will see description option. You need to fill this box with 150 strong characters that fit your blogger blog. Use Google keywords tools and select best words to increase ranking. It is very important to enable this option so must do it.

3- Use Robot.txt

Be careful with robort.txt and robots header tags settings. You can also see blogger warning in this section. Your little mistake can completely remove your blog from search result. Sofollow me and do not change settings according to your own.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search?q=*
Disallow: /*?updated-max=*
Allow: /

Sitemap: Your-Blog-Name-Here/posts/default?orderby=updated

Paste this html code in robot.txt box and replace "Your-Blog-Name-Here" with your blog name and save it. That's all. Do not change anything in this setting. Read Here what Google says about robot.txt files.

4- Robots Header Tags

It is also critical setting. See following picture and set your blog according to it and save settings.

robot header tags
robot header tags

5- Meta Content

Meta content is also important part of seo. This specify your blog category and tell search engine that visitors can find there. Use main words in meta content that suite you best.

6- Title Of Your Post

Title plays important role not only in seo but also to attract visitors. If we discuss according to search engine optimization, you can use maximum 60 characters including space. Search engine robots crawl only 60 words remaining will be neglected, 2nd thing use attractive words. This will play very important role engage visitors.

Example : If you are writing about "How To Make Money Online". One you can give a simple title. It is not bad and also according to seo but you can also write as " How To Make Money Online In Urdu (With Pictures)" 2nd title looks more attractive and help to engage more and more visitors and also fulfill seo requirements.

7- Description Of Post

Description plays important role after title of your blog. Like title here is also a limit of words for good seo. Use 150 characters maximum and use your main keywords 2 times about which you are writing. Note that do not repeat main words again ang again, otherwise your post will be considered as spam and it will not shown in results. First Understand how search engines provide results to visitors then you will know value description. When anyone enter something to search suppose " How To Get Visitors For Free" robot will check these words in title, description and link and provide those websites in results that's keywords match. This is simple thing to understand. Anyhow to understand crawling , storing, indexing and ranking completely watch this video

8- Link Of Post

Now blogger allow to customize link in post. Do not use a, the, how etc words in link of post and only use main words. Example : If you are posting about "How To Make Money With Facebook" then your link must be look like /make-money-with-fb. This is seo friendly link.

9- Role Of Content

"Content is king" it is very important to gain high rank. If you post minimum 150 characters paragraph, you can get high ranking by using suitable keywords. One important thing use main words in content that are in title only 2 times maximum otherwise post will be considered as spam by search engine. Content is also necessary to get approval of Adsense.

10- Images And Videos In Post

Image and videos increase users engagement. Visitor will stay for more time if post has a video and help to increase your alexa ranking also. Give your images alt attributions which help search engine to detect Image category. One thing to tell, robot can not crawl images or videos that's why it is important to use txt in image as alt tag. Also give link to your images. Finally do not forget to compress it. Images can slow down your website so make sure that they are fully optimize. Use Image compressor which will reduce its size. Recommended site :

Videos increase visitors time on time and impact indirectly. One important tip is that put link just below video. Robot must crawl every thing that is near video and also give it value, so you can put any important link.

11- Increase Speed

A few years back, Google and other search engines are giving priority to that sites which are faster. In simple words speed of web/blog impact on your ranking. Actually since last 3 years number of mobile visitors are increasing and soon they will left behind desktop users that's why now Google is saying to increase web speed so that mobile visitors can easily visit site. Normally site must be load in 2 seconds. Check your site speed.

One more important think that effect SEO. Make sure that your website is mobile optimize. Check Here is your site is mobile optimize or not.

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Last Words

I know work in blogger is difficult as compared to wordpress. In blogger we do all work maually by coding and in wordpress we have so many plugins. Blogger still have many advantages that i have describe above. If you follow some above instuction you can easily rise up your website in search engine. Happy blogging and keep struggling.

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