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Blogger Vs WordPress Comparison

Updated on February 22, 2013

Introduction of Blogger and Wordpress

Blogger and Wordpress are two big name in blogging world. In fact blogger(formerly blogspot) and wordpress are on top two positions. Blogger and Wordpress both offers free blogging platform and this is the good point to choose one out of these. BlogSpot is owned by Google and WordPress is owned by Automattic Inc.

There are other blogging platform also like tumblr, weebly, typad etc. We will talk about these platform later.

Pros of Blogger (BlogSpot) platform

  • Free: Blogspot is free platform provided by Google .
  • Free templates: Blogger provided free templates to start a blog. There are third parties provide free templates also.
  • Use Gadgets: You can use gadgets provided by blogger to customize and create good look like follow by email, popular posts, HTML/ JavaScript (you can add any custom HTML and JavaScript for blog design, display ads, or any other feature), poll, link list, feeds, profile, recent post, recent comments etc .
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and storage space: BlogSpot is hosted by Google so, there is no problem of bandwidth and storage limit. Google provide unlimited bandwidth and storage space.
  • Monetize: You can monetize blog with Google Adsense, Amazon associate or any other ad network platform .
  • Fully customize: It is fully customizable. You can use HTML editor for customization of blog .
  • Ad Free: It is completely ads free. Blogger doesn't show any ads on your blog. But you can display your ads and monetize it.

Cons of Blogger (BlogSpot) platform

  • Limited Template: Blogspot provides limited templates for blog. and in my point of view they are good for hobbyist bloggers not for professional bloggers.
  • Commenting system: Blogspot Comment system is not good as compare than that of wordpress. Wordpress commenting system is powered with Akismet plugin which is very powerful and stops spams.
  • Only ten static pages: You can create only ten static pages in a blog. But in wordpress you can create as many as you like.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly but very limited: Blogspot is SEO friendly but it is very limited. We cannot add description and title separately in posts.
  • No plug-ins: In blogger there is no scope of plug-ins. If you want any functionality you have to edit the template of blog. It is very painful because many time you have to edit the template for adding functionalities.
  • Risk of blog deletion by Google: This is very big risk in blogspot based blogs because Google can delete you blog without any warning.
  • Low storage limit for images: In blogspot every image you uploaded it is uploaded in your Google Picasa account and the biggest disadvantage of Picasa is the storage limit of image is only 1 GB.
  • Bad reputation in public: Blogspot has bad reputation in public because many people use it for spam, promoting affiliate products landing page etc.

Learn how to publish blog on blogger platform.

All about Wordpress

Wordpress blog are of two types first one is wordpress hosted means they are hosted on server and you get your domain like (You can further change it into ), second one is Self hosted means they are hosted on the server of a webhosting company like hostgator, bluehost, godaddy etc. In this post i will write about wodpress hosted blogs.

Pros of based blogs

  • Free: It is also free platform. You can host your blog at free of cost.
  • Posting: Adding posts, editing posts is very easy in wordpress. You will love it as compare than that of blogspot based blogs.
  • Security: Wordpress is very secure platform. You don't have to worry about it. Security is handled by wordpress itself.
  • Comment System: Comment system is powered with Akismet plug-in. No spam comment can go through it easily.
  • Manageable: Wordpress based blogs are easy to create and manageable. You can manage categories, tags, photos, posts and pages very easily.
  • Storage limit: Storage limit is 3 GB in wordpress. You can extent limit by paying to wordpress.
  • Private Posts: You can write a private post. Even you can write more than private post with different password.

Cons of based blogs

  • You cannot ad you own custom theme: If you want to use custom theme you have to pay $30 per year.
  • Paid custom top level domain: If you want to use top level domain for your blog then you have to pay them for this.
  • Storage limit: You blog's storage limit is 3 GB: If you want more space then you have to pay according to required space.
  • Ads: Wordpress shows its own ads to your blog. This is the one of the earning source of wordpress. If you don't like these then you have to pay for removing of ads.
  • Cannot use plugins: Wordpress is famous for its plugins you cannot use premium and other free plugins for your blog. If you want to use that then you must transfer your blog to self hosted blog.
  • No monetization: You cannot monetize you blog. It means you cannot earn money from your own blog.
  • No third party scripts:You cannot use 3rd party tracking scripts like Google analytics to track your visitor. Stats will be provided by inbuilt wordpress application .

Final Verdict

After above long discussion it is totally up to you whether you want to choose blogger or wordpress. But in my opinion wordpress is best because of its features. If you are a hobby blogger then you can choose whatever platform you want. But if you want to become professional blogger or want to start some profession service then you should go with wordpress with self hosted blog. In next article i will write about wordpress self hosted blog. Stay tune till then.

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