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Blogger vs Wordpress: Which Is The Best For Business?

Updated on October 9, 2011

What do you mean for business?

Wordpress and Blogger are very different, one is simple, the other is complete and more complex. Before deciding which one you should use, what do you mean by business? There are business websites that want to sell products, others want to write content and sell affiliate products while others want to have a forum and others even want to make a community website where everyone can post their own articles.

Blogging as a Business

If your business is blogging you should use Blogger instead of Wordpress. The reason is very simple, Blogger does not need external hosting (Wordpress dot com comes with hosting, but you are forbidden to make any money with it), has the fastest loading time of the entire web (it has Google's best servers behind it) and you only need to spend 12$ for a domain! No need to spend monthly with hosting! Blogger is the simplest of the simple yet the most powerful of all. If you use Blogger for blogging you will have a super blog as simple as possible. With a domain, a custom theme and a custom icon, no one knows you are using Blogger!

Wordpress is better for complex websites

Wordpress is best used for complex blogs that will have more than content. If you want people to register on your website, if you want people to act on it by writing content, by uploading and publishing photos, Blogger is not enough.

Blogger is best for blogs, news blogs, content blogs

When you want to make money with Adsense or Amazon or any other affiliate program, Blogger is the best option. You can start any business you want, with any domain you want, with just 1$ a month. That's it, ultimate price. With Wordpress you need to spend at least 5$ a month plus a domain. Wordpress is six times more expensive!

Let's imagine you want to start a blog about news. There are new news all the time, the demand for news is greater than the demand for articles or blog content. Blogger is many times better than Wordpress because it is simpler to use. You can change anything with just two or three clicks and you can change virtually anything. Of course you can do the same with Wordpress but the interface is so complex, it has a greater learning curve than Blogger.

Another advantage Blogger has is being the easiest to start a new business with. Let's image you want to hit the "article marketing" market. You start a blog for free, you upload an unique template, you change the blog icon to something else and you buy a domain for 12$ a year. With wordpress you would have to spend 12$ for the domain, plus 5$ a month for hosting and you would have to change many more things to make the website run, not to mention you would have to manage the Wordpress updates, you would have to manage the server and make sure there is nothing wrong with it, etc... too demanding and complex.

Most of the times for most businesses, Blogger is the best!


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