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Blogging Vs. Hubpages: Poll/Discussion

Updated on September 2, 2015

Blogging or Hubpages?

Do you prefer Hubpages or Blogging as your Main Writing Center?

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I actually have a hub and a blog article talking about this topic. I had to make this choice about a year ago, and it wasn't as easy to figure out. Ultimately I made the choice to spend my article writing efforts on my blogs where a reader can connect with all my on-line efforts easier.

Of course it depends on what you are trying to achieve, some people are content with simply writing here on Hubpages and not worry about all the building your site and managing all the blog details. It's true that a blogger is not just a writer, but usually a mix of different Internet skills and efforts that are other than writing. For me, this works because I like to have a site to write on that I design more so and control much more so.

When it comes to making money and having views, both are comparable with Hubpages paying more at first, then blogging having more potential over time and with the other affiliate links. My main blog now is getting a couple thousand visitors every week now, but the amount of money is more like .50 cents per thousand, when Hubpages is more like $5 thousand. Yet, remember we can get paid directly through Adsense on Hubpages, just opt out of HP Adprogram. The last poll was about this, check it out. Best wishes in your writing.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Very interesting analysis of these two writing forums.

    • Mike Welsh profile image

      Mike 2 years ago from Wales, United Kingdom

      Thanks Lowdown. I may test it out for a month or two.

    • Lowdown0 profile image

      Robbie Newport 2 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

      Hey Mike thanks for sharing your experience. I've found I make more opting out of Adprogram, but you have to be patient to wait for maybe even a month before make anything big. Pennies might come in here and there, but every month or two a couple dollar click will happen and make it worth it. This for me who takes long periods off from writing hubs and doesn't write super popular ones.

    • Mike Welsh profile image

      Mike 2 years ago from Wales, United Kingdom

      Interesting discussion. I earn more from my Blog/website than hubpages but i do have a lot more content of it and far more traffic. I think the good thing about hubpages is you earn even if there is no click, where as on the blog/website i earn per click.

      I am interested to see if people are making more by opting out of the Adprogram, but i sense likely not.

      Great topic