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Why Use Blogger?

Updated on March 12, 2021
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Writer, blogger, greenskeeper, musician, golfer, history buff, truth seeker and lover, Christian married man from Oregon.

Do You Mind, I'm Writing.

Can I help You?
Can I help You? | Source

Journey to Blogger

Blogger is owned by Google, and is likely the easiest way to start blogging. I started a blog at blogger back in 2011, created one post, then forgot about it. Wasn't until recently when I went back to find that same blog still there! Right on, so I have been having a great time ever since. The journey to get back began because of a few reasons, which I'll share with you.

There are different types of writers, as you know, I'm one of the ones who likes to write commentary, news events, and occasionally some how-to stuff. I like to write fiction and poetry as well.

The idea of becoming a citizen journalist was exciting to me even though I didn't know what AP-style writing was. I knew of the Bedford Handbook from college, but AP style never came up (likely cause I wasn't a journalism major). Regardless, I've been learning and the internet is a great place to do this, I'm sure you could even find a Hub about AP – I'll have to include one later in the post.

So this idea to write and even get paid for reporting news was great to me, and I jumped in with both feet. My efforts have been concentrated at, where I have amassed 33 articles up to this point. There are other places to do this sort of writing as well.

What happened to make me want to go to Blogger? Well, I became disillusioned with Allvoices because I realized making money there wasn't going to be what I thought. In reality, making money with these citizen journalism sites is possible, but not realistic to making anything significant for most. The way they have it structured for the pay is lacking in many ways.

The point I'm trying to make without talking about Allvoices too much is I figured out the best way to write unabated from any political bias and conformity is on your own blog. I already knew this from the blog I had at WordPress, but the process of monetizing it seemed out of my league.

Why Blogger?

WordPress is a very nice quality site and I've enjoyed writing there – it's just too complicated for me to figure out. You can buy monthly blog set-ups and there are many options available for website building, but I'm just not ready for this.

Blogger makes things easy and user-friendly. The part I like is I can get a Google Adsense account through my blog and monetize it easily. This is the part that appealed to me as I have a few efforts online where I need to set-up an Adsense account. Before I didn't want to mess with the whole deal, I just wanted to write and let the site take care of the rest. This is how I found myself on Allvoices and Squidoo.

After going through the learning process of this online writing maze, my true path is beginning to emerge. I have amassed a large list of sites in which one could write for and make money. Currently, I am part of about 15 sites to make some money. The time has come to narrow these down and create a system that works for me. Blogger is the home I found to revolve around.

Notepad Manifesto


Your System

Each person has their own system going on here on the web. Not everyone is trying to make money, but many are. Some want to make money no matter what values they have to lose, and others are just trying to be honest and make some money for their efforts.

I chose Squidoo over Hubpages because I thought it was easier to use, but I've come back. Hubpages is a quality site for writers and readers, and it gets more traffic. Not sure how much money I'll make here, but this is a place to put some of my ideas.

Webanswers is another place I've started and need Adsense to make money. This is a place where you answer questions and make money for it. You can also ask questions and people will try their best to give you the right answer, so it's a great place to learn too. I'm still going to write for Allvoices, but likely never get any money for it. Other places I'm working are InfoBarrel, Bubblews, Amazon Mechanical Turks, and Textbroker.

Visual Learners Stop Here

Because I Want to Know

Do You Have a Blog? Where?

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Home is Where the Heart Is

Blogger is going to be my baby and where my heart is at. I set up a great bookstore there through Amazon where if anyone wants to buy a book I'll get a percentage (like here). This means they get a great Christian book full of knowledge and I get paid some to keep going. Also, I have YouTube videos and links to sites that need exposure. There are also links to my other sites there like Hubpages.

The design and format at Blogger are top-notch quality as well. My blog is serene and peaceful, but watch out cause the articles pack a punch!

The only complaint I have is it's hard to find other blogs at blogger. I haven't figured out the community aspect very well yet. It doesn't seem easy to figure this part out. Nevertheless, I've been getting traffic.

In the beginning, there are these ad bot sites such as vampirestats, these aren't real views, but you'll think they are. I had hundreds of views the first day only to find out these are just spambots! They try to get the blogger to check the traffic stats to then click on their sites.

The best part about having a blog at Blogger is the freedom I have to write what I want. I will rise or fall depending on my own content. This is appealing to me as someone who likes individual sports like boxing and golf. And soon enough I will be able to apply for Google Adsense and be approved. Then there is the possibility to make some money from the blog, plus the other couple sources I have for Adsense. Maybe I'll make $100/month. That's my goal for now; I can set it low because I am also writing for Textbroker and other copywriting broker sites.

Life is good, and the internet is great for writers these days. I mean, before writers would have the hardest time getting exposure, usually dying before anyone cared about their scribblings. Praise God for all the people out there who read and write as well. May you be blessed in your efforts whether on a blog or not.

© 2013 Robbie Newport


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