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Blogging with Google Adsense in Nigeria

Updated on September 13, 2011

Blogging + Google Adsense - A perfect combination

Although I have talked about the many ways of making money online in Nigeria but of all thopse, one of the most profitable and effective way of easily making money online is by combining Google Adsense and Blogging.

Google Adsense

This is by far the most effective and popular way to make money from web content. Whether is it a blog or online forum or other information website that you have, monetizing it with Google adsense adds value to your website. Google adsense is a programmed offered by Google to website owners who offer up ad spaces on their web for a fee. Thye make money either on a PPC(Pay Per Click) basis or on a CPM(Cost per thousand Impression basis).


While Blogging is a relatively new activity in Nigeria as a lot of internet users actually spend their time making use of social networking or checking emails. Blogging involves writing web content and publishing it on your web. It works in sucha way that it allows web content managers to publish new content periodically to their websites. This could be in form of latest news, product, service or other updates such as personal opinions, series of posts and so on. Blogging is interactive as it allows the bloggger to interact with his audience by making new posts and entertaining comments. Blogging is already a profession in developed countires with people doing it for a living as a result of the many opportunities it affords the user. Blogging helps a website rank high on search engines and get respected very well on serch results.

The Perfect combination

While Blogging affords the publisher the ability to draw in continuous and loyal traffic to his website, it also avails a wider oportunity in terms of advertising and this could be in form of direct advertising or just third party advertising. Due to the cumbersome nature of handling online advertisement and approvals, Google adsense offers bloggers the opportunity to not bother about all the stress involved in marketing and selling ads as all they have to do is copy and paste a code.

The thing about publishing a blog with Google Adsense is that it is easier and can bring continous and steady income to a website and in this way add value to it. Most professional bloggers after signing up with Google adsense and integrating the adsense codes on their template, just focus on writing and publishing newer content and yet they make money from it.

As your Blog grows

The more you make blog posts, the more content you website has and the more your site will appear in search results like Google. The good thing about most blogs is that they come with feeds or rss sitemaps which prompts search engines that an update has been made and this will quicken the time takes for Google or Yahoo to index a blog post.

The more prominent blogs get indexed by the minutes, others a daily while even others are in weeks. If you are just starting out a new website, chances are that you may not get indexed as fast as others. In some cases it may even take one or two months and it is all about that site credibilty and ranking which search engines attach to a blog.

Making money online in Nigeria from Blogging

The good thing about this syste is that it offers you the ability to let your voice be heard on issues which affects your society on the internet. Another thing is that it can help you write your own book while at the saem time publishing and selling it online. Nowadays, bloggers sell their blog content as a book after many years of writing and this adds more income to their profession. Can someone really make money online in Nigeria from blogging alone. Well yes. Given that the living standard in the country is put at arounf a dollar a day, with blogging, you can certainly earn more tahn $100 a month.

The thing about Nigerian Blogs

While there are many blogs in Nigeria and still growing, there are quite a few of them who are actually breaking even from blogging alone. Many online bloggers are shifting on selling ebooks to make up for their online activities. But the truth is that if yiou monetize your website well, you can make money from it just as if you were doing a full time job and yet from blogging only part time. The good thing about blogging in Nigeria as it is everywhere else is that you can work from anywhere in the world without going to office late or answering queries to any boss therein. It also helps you to be self-employed and make the more important decisions about your life.

So what I am saying is, even if you are jsut makinga little mony from your blogging activities in Nigeria and it may be as low a $100 and growing, be consoled that it is growing and maybe in a years time with continuing effort, you may very well be making more than $1000 a month from just blogging. Thats' good enough to live in Nigeria and you could make even much more. I don't need to tell you that there are professional blogggers in the UK, US and then India who are continually making more than $10,000 a month by just combining Google adsense to their blog

Doing the MATHS - Increasing your Google adsense earnings in Nigeria

While making moeny from blogging with Google adsense in Nigeria can be quite challenging and earnings can be as low as $200 or even $100 a month, keep your hopes high as I once said to myself, if I can make N1, then I will be abel to make N1m. It all about applying the variables. So if one or a 100 blog post are making you just $10 a month, all you need to do to increase your earnings is by:

  • Identifying the variables that ymake you money e.g. url channels
  • Increase the variables eg. Write more blog posts or allow more comments
  • Make lengthy blog posts if it rnakes you high in search results
  • Use Google webmaster tools to analyse your beneficial keywords and write more blog posts around them
  • Write a series of blog posts around topics that are popular

So you would see that by simply doing the MAths, over a few weeks you google adsens earnings will skyrocket and the more you repeat this strategy, the more money you stand to make online


So even if there are a million and one ways to make money online, blogging with Google adsense is actually the most effective for a blog and the more you blog, the more money you stand to make online. Get a blog and start blogging


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    • Enomfon85 profile image


      6 years ago from Nigeria

      Great hub! I'am about to create a self hosted blog but don't know if it will be accepted by google adsense. In other words, what are those things I should place on my blog to be accepted by google? Thnks

    • felix09 profile imageAUTHOR

      Felix Okoli 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      I am happy you agree and thanks for visiting

    • g-benger profile image

      Okunrounmu olugbenga 

      7 years ago from Nigeria, Africa

      you are right because that is the best online program you can run in Nigeria for now in that Google accept Nigerians into its program


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