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Blue Prism – The Game Changing Automation Tool

Updated on December 29, 2017

Blue Prism refers to a set of tools and runtime environments for automating the business processes. It is an RPA (Robotics Process Automation) tool which aims to augment the way employees work by automating, integrating and simplifying the processes and technology.

It is based on C# and .net framework Blue Prism could be used as standalone. It helps in automating cognitive processes. This automation is achieved with the help of tools running in the dedicated system and can process bulk data within few minutes. It has built-in support for connecting several application user interfaces, such as Windows interfaces, browser-based HTML interfaces, interfaces built using Java and mainframe applications accessed via terminals. The adapter used for connecting an application known as VBO (visual business object). Every VBO implements a specific set of operations against the application’s user interface. For instance, a visual business object might be proficient enough to log in to applications, enter customer names into the specific screen, retrieve a result and log off. A business analyst or developer using Blue Prism’s Object Studio for creating these objects graphically doesn’t require writing code.

Blue Prims supports Windows, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), Mainframes, web, Java. etc. Supported Platforms include Terminal Emulator, Thin Client, Thick Client, Citrix, Web Browser and Web Services. Blue Prism is designed for a multi-environment deployment model.

Blue Prism RPA (Robotics Process Automation) software comprises a centralized release management interface and process change distribution model that offers high visibility and control. Blue Prism also offers additional control to businesses through its centralized model for process development and re-use.

Blue Prism brings successful digital workforce to an organization and it functions within challenging administration for automating rule-based, repetitive task, high risk, accuracy, compliance, and others. The RPA software assists in improving the activity of the enterprises. The RPA comes with great workflow for the employees and it assists in handling various tasks by the employees. The RPA also helps in reducing the time and cost for an organisation. Blue Prism offers remote infrastructure, IT support process of back-office and others.

Blue prism allows the business owner in growing their customer satisfaction, marketing intelligence, automating business, and much more. By combining business process management platform and the capabilities of the blue prism, an organization can completely streamline their business process for providing enhanced efficiency. As the innovator, pioneer and market leader in RPA, Blue Prism provides the most effective Digital Workforce.

Blue Prism delivers a robust and scalable execution platform for the best-in-class AI and cognitive technologies and is now one of the most secure and trusted RPA platform for the Fortune 500. Billions of transactions and several millions of hours of work are performed on Blue Prism robots from well-known companies globally.

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